Hi. I haven't been here for a bit, but I needed to come here simply to say

I need more gallifrey in the modern doctor who series. The lack of its presence is directly offensive to me, a gay.

This must be corrected

@eclectic But the last "mainline" story was set on/around Gallifrey! Admittedly, not at its best. ^_^;

@porsupah (im super out of date and just started getting caught up on Jodie Whitaker a little while ago so i havent seen that yet :P)

@eclectic Ahhh! Oh, now, it's a *big* story in significance. Personally, I loved it, but then, I was instantly on board with JW, and I don't mind canon absolutists being upended. =:)

@eclectic Hopefully my original reply wasn't too spoilery! Sorry about that.

@porsupah nope! not to spoilers at all! Realistically, ive had much of what i havent seen spoiled for me already so im just here for the journey xD

As a queer trans woman, all i see about the discourse around JW is that shes a woman and people dont like that. I friggin love the few episodes of hers ive seen so far, and im one of those diehard cannon folks (mind you, its DW so the cannon is at best held together with tape)

@eclectic Oh, gods yes! The troglodyte faction was absolutely /losing/ it over the new Doctor being a *woman*. Ah, delicious misogynist tears. =:D (Sure, the Doctor recomposes herself at a genetic/molecular level with each regeneration - but surely they can't be a woman! =:)

Mm, you've got some good stories ahead. ^_^ I'd still ding Chibnall for not being much for actual /plot/, but he was much better as showrunner than I'd feared (eg Torchwood "Cyberwoman").

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