Coffee is a brewin...

You know what that means.

There be a stream coming your way on the high seas today!

(Pirate DJ stream maybe? Stay tuned!)

Yeah fuck it! I havent spun in forever!

Just going to give my camera (phone) a half second to charge a bit here and then we'll be live!

House and techno and acid oh my! That and more on my streams bb!

Live in 30 minutes folks!

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I'm live now with some live dj streams over on !

Come hang out for some house and techno!

can we just like take a moment and appreciate acid house? shit is fucking amazing...

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like seriously, a fucking kick drum and a sick 303 lick is like all you need to write some dope af acid house

(thats incredibly reductive, take that advice with a grain of salt)

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Fuck i wish i could make bass house like this shit, but that would mean actually paying attention to my sound design xD

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