My EP is up. Happy pride, remember kiddos. No liberation for any of us without all of us.

So yall better quiet down and listen to what those folks most affected by queerphobia and transphobia have to say.

@eclectic This is *good stuff!*

Might you have notes on what samples were used? Could help afford additional context, the first track especially - people may work it out, whilst some may need it confirming.

@porsupah oh shit i mustve forgot that in the description.

Its Sylvia Riveras "Yall better quiet down" speech from stonewall.

The rest of the vocal samples are just my girflriend saying shit that i asked for.

@eclectic Ah! I'd thought that was so, but TBH, I don't think I'd actually /heard/ her before.

Hee! Okay, that makes sense. Rather a lovely voice, too.

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