I am pleased to announce that on June 9th, next Wednesday, I will be participating in an online trans artist showcase for Queen City Pride in Regina Saskatchewan, hosted by @eclectic ! I will be one of several artists whose performances will be shown on twitch starting at 8pm CST. My own performance will be shown at 10:45 CST, and I will be interviewed live by our host afterwards.
I've worked really hard on a great show and I hope you're there to see it!

Show tonight! 

Today's the day!! I'll be on Ariana's stream for Pride this evening, with a performance and then an interview. I'm so excited!

Show thread

re: Show tonight! 

@Aleums this is so exciting!
also, is it known if there will be a vod of the stream later or not?

re: Show tonight! 

@AgathaSorceress I can definitely put my own video up for others to watch! Not sure about the rest of the show, you'll have to ask @eclectic


re: Show tonight! 

@AgathaSorceress @Aleums ill be putting up a vod after fo sho!

Also shows in an hour and a half xD

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