Whoopsie I totally didnt just upload a song. It totally isnt maybe a song about someone...

Check it out on bandcamp now! Downbeat electronica that was performed live with a bunch of hardware and no computer!

(boosts so incredibly welcome)

@eclectic omg i just listened and this is just *so* amazing !!

like,,, this is probably actually my favorite so far

@AgathaSorceress awwwwwww thank you so much!

im super proud of this one honestly. It was meant to just be a quick thing like "Covid Coffee Vibes" was, but I ended up working on it on and of for like a little over a month because it just never stopped having more room to grow.

I dont even really think of it as complete right now, but at a certain point you have to put down the paint brush right?

@eclectic tbh it gives me very cosy vibes and i love that so much

its just,,, a Really good song,, you did a great job i think !

@AgathaSorceress awww thanks! it means a lot to hear from other music makers who think i do good work!

Average joes? i love hearing they love my music. People who know how music creation works and have an inside view? WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD

@miramira hahahaha thank you so much! I'm so proud of this one honestly, the only thing that made me deem it "done" was that I kept wanting to listen to it casually because THE VIBES THO

@eclectic Can absolutely relate to just wanting to listen to your own stuff constantly. If the hyper-critic that is my brain thinks it's good then it's probably at least ok right?

@miramira omg that mood.

I find that the further I get from each release, the more I want to listen to it and can do without a hyper-critical ear. Can't quite do that for "Recovery" or "Covid Coffee Vibes" yet, but its coming.

@eclectic Whenever I finish something I have this kind of 2-3 day period where I just uncontrollably listen to it on repeat while I'm riding the hype wave like "holy shit I made a thing!" before it calms down.

@miramira ah see thats me listening to an album over and over critiquing the quality of the mastering/mixing.

Then i utterly refuse to listen to anything of my own for like 2 weeks and then i get back into it.

At least im not the only person out there who listens to their own music all the time.

@eclectic Ah yeah. I do often feel like it might be seen as egotistical or something to come out like "I mostly listen to my own music", but when I think about it, right from the start when I was a little kid the main reason I made stuff was because I wanted my own music to listen to.

@eclectic This is so good. This is very much my style of track and it fascinates me even more now that I know more about how you create.

@nebunez awwwww hahahaha thanks! Its a blast to work dawless for sure!

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