A friend is looking for a home on the Fediverse! Help me find them a good instance for video games discussion and culture thats got good and clear moderation policies in favor of antifa/socialistic ideoligies!

Lets help them find a new home!

boosts welcome

@eclectic I quite like Elekk dot xyz for video games and everything else.

Milly ( @magicalmilly ) and Rhys ( @whalefall )are good admins (our other admin is in break right now).

I know our moderation policies are a point of pride for our instance.

I think this is where your friend would want to be, but maybe the people I tagged in can talk about it better than me.

@eclectic is the one that comes to mind immediately, though really, just about any good instance would work. ^_^ (eg, ourselves,,,,

@eclectic going to add a voice against elekk that other people recommended--without getting into the why as i'm not hugely familiar with the details myself, elekk has been involved in a few major Problems lately, most notably the collapse of snouts

i'd recommend considering perhaps? just so this post isn't entirely an anti-recommendation

@eclectic I’ve enjoyed myself on! The admin / mod team is active and invested and they keep the software up to date.

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