Good lord this is all too much fun. I am so lucky to be able to play with all this every day xD. I feel like 10 kids in 10 candy stores with infinite money right now.

Just a random jam, just kinda kept plugging in gear when I needed it 😅. Video/audio is just from my phone, so its not great.

God watching this is making me think i need to strap a camera to my chest for performances xD. Its a lot of fun to watch this from my perspective xD.

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@eclectic please do! i don't know what it is, but watching someone turn a knob and hearing the sound change is really fascinating to me.

@twolovelytrees I think thats why a lot of people love techno so much 😅.

Its certainly what my music is about xD. Sit back, enjoy the melody, and let it evolve baby!

@matthilde awww im glad you think so!

ill try to actually record this and post it later

@eclectic I wanna start into live coding but..... lazy xDDDD
And electronic music sounds overwhelming ;n;
Whenever I try something else than sysadmin shit or programming, it bores me. I tried so many things but I never really get to do it :c

@matthilde me too! One of the biggest reasons I wanna get linux hack into my studio is for this!

I also really like using weird data inputs to provide semi random notes and expression to synths. Wrote a script that uses wireless data to make weird stuff right before lockdown.

Also, EDM isnt really that hard by comparison to other genres. It just has a high price to entry unfortunately :/. Sure ableton and free plugins will get you started, but it doesnt become easy till you can build up some hardware.

@eclectic I used to be a drummer before, I stopped because I wasn't happy drumming (I think it was because music school and I don't really like schooling of any kind).
I loved doing funk, rock and jazz

@eclectic in 8 years of drumming, I forced myself for like 3-4 years because I didn't wanted to disappoint my mom and do another activity. My mom wanted me to sign up to a club or smth (thanks i moved and my mom forgot about it) but all I wanted to do is programming and explore computers on my own. My mom don't understand I like exploring on my own and don't have someone to tell me what to do.

@eclectic I would have probably enjoyed drumming if I did it on my own.

@matthilde so i recorded a full performance, but one of the synths fell out of tune half way through and i didnt notice.

Have a link tho

(Link to a recording of the tune in the video on this thread, but a bad take)

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