Know a trans music maker?

Send me there shit! I wanna make my life so hella trans. (Boosts welcome)

@porsupah @cmdr_nova omg k no im just in love with that album art omg!

Jesus, whoever did that art deserves a fucking award.

@LilyVers actually, I have! Its already on my list that im building and want to open source!

It was a few days ago, but i do remember thinking it was an interesting sonic palet

@eclectic aww cool! in that case, thank you for listening!!

@LilyVers absolutely! Depending on some things shake up in the next couple days im going to be doing a round of indie musician donations, so hopefully i can put some vice dollars in your pocket!

@eclectic Oh! I can't forget (but I do have but a bunny memory) @icefoxx too! Be sure to peruse her photography too - of a highly professional standard.

@queerfrog I aspire to reach that level of release regularity! im proud of me for getting 2 out in 6 months, but damn!

@queerfrog 😅 tell that to my brain xD. Thank you, means a lot.

I mean, it took me going to full time songwriting to get to that point, but hey! Now im doing tunes for games and thats the fucking dream right there.

@eclectic in love with a ghost/ILWAG (they/them) makes chill beats to contemplate to lol

My friend makes really cool music!
You can find her here:

Or, for a fun intro, watch a music video I made for one of her songs:
(It's VR so best on a phone or headset)

@eclectic sameeee

i know about sewerslvt and laura from 100gecs and if i remember more i'll write them here

but do you mean know personally as in, send me stuff that is super unknown? or also the known stuff like the two above?

@eclectic oh wow a lot of ppl already responded but i couldn't see them from my istance

@Aranciaallegra I wanna make the worlds largest list of trans music makers so literally anyone counts!

@eclectic I am trans and some of the audio things I make can be considered music I guess. Be warned though I am living proof that 'trans-made' doesn't automatically mean good or listenable but who knows someone might vibe with this

@Natomatic thanks for the link! And hey! Not all sound art is music right?

@eclectic I guess? Idk, I've read opinions that any kind of sound intentionally arranged is music, and even unintentionally... I did a year of sound design in uni and I should probably have a more substantial response to it :P either way, I don't really filter what I put on that soundcloud so if you find it musical its music but its basically all sound art in a kind of vent-y way

@Natomatic your only making me wanna check it out more xD.

I have a differing opinion than that of the "arranged noise is music," in short believing noise and non-musical sound art (even of the non intentional non arranged kind) have their own merits beyond their relationship to musicality.

Vent-y sound art? Fucking sign me up.

@eclectic that's a really cool way of looking at it! I find that noise-y sound art has a kind of quality and can express a certain mood and collection of feelings that music music just can't. And thanks for your interest, might inspire me to get back into some sound venting. Its been a while since I cranked out an audacity abomination

@fluffy @astraluma @eclectic @cq The worst part is that all the tracks from my first three albums are there. I... don't recall why I didn't just publish 'em, but it's going on my to-do list to go back and do that, perhaps along with all the stuff since then.

I haven't produced more than a thin trickle of unfinished work for many years, due to frustrations with software, attention span, and tinnitus. The ideas never stopped, though....

@eclectic there's me at

Also, Octo Octa is my fucking jam

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