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Hey folks! My EP is live! Yknow, the one I've been working on on stream? Yeah that one! I'm super super proud of the way this one turned out, its by far some of the best work I've ever done!

Tune in for some , , and sounds! New straight to your earholes!

(boosts very very welcome!)

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Me PSA. If youve got any affiliations with radical free speech or religious freedoms, dont attempt a follow.

If you dont have pronouns in your bio, dont attemot a follow.

If you come across as a cis-het male colonizer fossbro, your going to need a whole lot to prove your not a bad actor.

Anyways. Basically, maybe try interacting before you follow...

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My EP is up. Happy pride, remember kiddos. No liberation for any of us without all of us.

So yall better quiet down and listen to what those folks most affected by queerphobia and transphobia have to say.

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Oh look, I dropped the track I was teasing earlier!

(good god bandcamp drives me nuts sometimes... stupid url conventions)

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Whoopsie I totally didnt just upload a song. It totally isnt maybe a song about someone...

Check it out on bandcamp now! Downbeat electronica that was performed live with a bunch of hardware and no computer!

(boosts so incredibly welcome)

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I have taken to augmenting my language with kinds of hand-flappy

For example:
- confused hand-flappy
- excited hand-flappy
- timey-wimey hand-flappy-wappy
- aggressive info dump hand-flappy

I would now like to suggest that this become offical eclectic lore

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Sometimes you get bored and pissed off with the global pandemic, so you write a tune...

Check out a new track on bandcamp, streaming services soon!

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Boop! My album launched last night! Celebrate , , , art with me, and take a listen.

You could buy it, or you could just stream parts. Either would truly make my heart leap!

So here is a link to some ambient house/downbeat, and my celebration of !

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Know a trans music maker?

Send me there shit! I wanna make my life so hella trans. (Boosts welcome)

So i guess im making drones through Bitwig's modular environment now xD

come chill!

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I'm live now, bit late, but were here! Gonna be working a lot with Bitwig's modular system "The Grid" today! Come check it out!

All on linux bb!

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Well then! My network just crashed, no idea what happened!

We're back at it with some of the most layered shit ive ever made! Come check out modulators in bitwig with me!

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I'm live now, bit late, but were here! Gonna be working a lot with Bitwig's modular system "The Grid" today! Come check it out!

All on linux bb!

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okay for #looptober 16, i've been playing with the sampler in Bespoke, which fucking rules. Sampled from a youtube video called Developer Diary

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New #looptober track just dropped! Kudos to myself for getting up early enough to finish this before work!

This is your inner monologue when you really let it cut loose.

alright yall, ive got 2 ish weeks to write 2 tracks for a short film, and im going to stream as much of it as i can!

im going live for as long as i can today in about an hour (9AM CST) over on owncast for some behind the scenese production stuff!

sword and sorcery harem anime about a good natured himbo from Foreign Parts and the numerous femboys whom he befriends while overthrowing the cruel reign of the sorcerous toad-priests or whatever

Yeah, so Facebook isn't rebranding because we've somehow got them "on the run." They're pivoting their brand into controlling the data flow of all of our future digital social spaces at the hardware level.

It's so valuable to them that they're willing to risk the obscene value and relative power of their existing brand. Don't misunderstand that: They're willing to risk one of the single most powerful and financially valuable brands in the history of human existence for this.

I know it feels great to think, but the idea of anyone having them over a scandal-shaped-barrel is a weird techno-utopian fantasy.

I don't mean to take the wind out folks' sails, but it's so much worse than anything they've done so far, y'all.

The core mistake that Facebook thinks it made is being a data collection layer on top of someone else's hardware. They're actively trying to correct that by leaning into the hardware that supports the future of digital social spaces (including those that exist withing workplaces) and defining the narrative around it to prevent external criticism of their business model.

The ramifications of this are profound, in a way the current narrative doesn't convey.

If you're interested in some lesbian, sex worker and anti-capitalist themed hip hop and would like to support a struggling trans woman of color rapper whos in a really desperate and fucked financial situation, then check out and buy or share my mixtape! Released 2 years ago already, heres a bandcamp link:

started this like 3 hours ago, and here we are. The percussion (especially top end) needs a lot of work, but im pretty proud of the vibe ive got going so far honestly.

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