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Hey you! Yes you! Do you make music or short films? Do you struggle to get a clean polished sound out of your mix? Do you need to get your project ready for physical release?

Let me take the hassle off! I'm now taking commissions for Mixdown & Mastering! I have a decades worth of experience, an Audio Engineering & Production degree, and more self-made projects on my bandcamp than i care to count! Moreover, I've worked with Electronica producers, recorded 5 piece djent metal bands in studio, and done audio work for a plethora of short films!

Hire me now, and work with a rad queer woman!

Take a look at my commissions on ko-fi!

P.s, you can also commission a song from me! Want your very own Ariana Giroux track that no-one else will ever have?

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Boop, my next EP "Girl and her Sampler" is now available for pre-order on bandcamp! I'm super excited to finally be letting this project loose into the world!

It comes out on christmas, and its gonna be filled with lofi beats to study/relax to. I cannot wait to hear what yall think!

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Hey folks! My EP is live! Yknow, the one I've been working on on stream? Yeah that one! I'm super super proud of the way this one turned out, its by far some of the best work I've ever done!

Tune in for some , , and sounds! New straight to your earholes!

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Me PSA. If youve got any affiliations with radical free speech or religious freedoms, dont attempt a follow.

If you dont have pronouns in your bio, dont attemot a follow.

If you come across as a cis-het male colonizer fossbro, your going to need a whole lot to prove your not a bad actor.

Anyways. Basically, maybe try interacting before you follow...

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My EP is up. Happy pride, remember kiddos. No liberation for any of us without all of us.

So yall better quiet down and listen to what those folks most affected by queerphobia and transphobia have to say.

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I have taken to augmenting my language with kinds of hand-flappy

For example:
- confused hand-flappy
- excited hand-flappy
- timey-wimey hand-flappy-wappy
- aggressive info dump hand-flappy

I would now like to suggest that this become offical eclectic lore

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Boop! My album launched last night! Celebrate , , , art with me, and take a listen.

You could buy it, or you could just stream parts. Either would truly make my heart leap!

So here is a link to some ambient house/downbeat, and my celebration of !

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there's so many so called leftists who are so fatphobic it's ridiculous. like got in an argument with this one guy and he compared my stomach to a tire. either way his scrawny ass couldn't lift or pull either.

like actually i get paid to do advocacy and activism around trans issues

but white guy mcgee over here totally can completely shut down my statement by getting mad at me, love it xD

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yall i fucked up

i decided to comment on a cis-het white dudes facebook post about trans people in sports

a meeting to go over the results of a research effort on queer lives on campus

remind me again how i have the experience to do this? because i dont know xD

finally hung up my trans flag again! :Blobhaj_Trans_Pride_Heart: it's super creased but I'm just not straight enough to use the iron :blobcatgoogly:

kinda heartbroken i did that but whatever. no getting it back.

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well... im not proud of that...

just deleted my thread from earlier because aaa panic

that was probably one of the most raw and real things ive ever written. and i wrote it on public

idunno. it was good writing, it said a good thing, but yeah. im sweating about posting it

im gwumpy uwu *cleaves you in half with a battle ace the same height as me*

exploitation of musicians, how to better support us 

Got slightly miffed watching everyone on those "other" social media platforms waiting for their #Spotify Wrapped today. I think most folks here know this, but maybe not?

Anyway, this comes across as rough, I'm not trying to condescend to anyone, I just want people not to forget that:

- Spotify pays about 3~5¢ per listen of an *entire album*
- Spotify gave some guy who rhymes with Hogan 200 MILLION dollars. Like him or not, that money could have gone to musicians.
- There are 80 million songs on Spotify. Some quick math makes that $2.50 per song on the platform.
- I have over 100 songs on Spotify, but let's be modest, they made a "the definitive Inverse Phase" playlist with 37 tracks. That would be roughly a hundred bucks.
- Can I just reiterate: That kind of money could have gone to a whole bunch of #musicians and helped us out.

I don't know that #Tidal is any less evil, but they seem it. They broadcast that they want to do better by musicians, show that we're people, and the payout seems to be around 1¢ per track. That's 3x over Spotify.

Let's also talk about who's (mostly) doing the right thing. #Bandcamp probably needs no introduction, and I've had my ups and downs with them, but many of them are ups, and maybe I'm just a dinosaur or something but I still believe purchasing music is the right way to support musicians. Two album purchases from Bandcamp is all I need to surpass my *entire* streaming income in a month. And if you purchase this upcoming friday, it's #BandcampFriday, so musicians see everything after payment processing.

To frame this another way, you would basically have to put me and only me on nonstop playback to surpass an album purchase.

A lot of people say they purchase on Bandcamp and stream on a streaming service. Kudos! That's awesome of you. You could also stream me (or whoever, like your top 10 musicians) on bandcamp. The #streaming nets me $0, but you own the music, so we got your support there. Then support us on Patreon for just $1/mo. That *still* does better than Spotify.

Anyway, sorry if this comes across in a crummy tone (music pun?), I just want people to know what #indiemusic is up against these days.


Seeking minimal or dub techno mixes/album recommendations

All this is to say:

I refuse to be scared anymore. I refuse to stand idly by and watch the world tear me apart just because I am a trans woman who dared to speak up. I refuse to let systems of oppression rule my life like they have.

Today, I will stand proud and deny anyone who tries to tear me down.

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“For years, queer/trans/feminist scenes have been processing an influx of trans fems, often impoverished, disabled, and/or from traumatic backgrounds. These scenes have been abusing them, using them as free labor, and sexually exploiting them. The leaders of these scenes exert undue influence over tastemaking, jobs, finance, access to conferences, access to spaces. If someone resists, they are disappeared, in the mundane, boring, horrible way that many trans people are susceptible to, through a trapdoor that can be activated at any time. Housing, community, reputation—gone. No one mourns them, no one asks questions. Everyone agrees that they must have been crazy and problematic and that is why they were gone.”


My comments in the following thread.

Like trans rock music? Check out my side project, DAISY & JANE, at

wait girls can really just kiss each other? like, you can just do that??

For those new to mastodon...

There is no algorithm there. (for better or worse, mostly better)

Boosts are the *only* way that a post will get more visibility.

Bookmarks = I'd like to find this again in the future

Star/favorite = I read this, and it didn't suck.

Boost = more people should see this.

Is it blasphemous that i brought my soundproofing headphones and im just vibing to techno?

I’ll be honest, when I went to the coffee shop across the street from my new place to work I was not expecting a projector playing the World Cup. I thought I’d end up with a quiet morning with no one here.

Instead theres a bunch of folks all done up in their Brazil colours, and i feel out of place with a laptop and working.


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