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Hey you! Yes you! Do you make music or short films? Do you struggle to get a clean polished sound out of your mix? Do you need to get your project ready for physical release?

Let me take the hassle off! I'm now taking commissions for Mixdown & Mastering! I have a decades worth of experience, an Audio Engineering & Production degree, and more self-made projects on my bandcamp than i care to count! Moreover, I've worked with Electronica producers, recorded 5 piece djent metal bands in studio, and done audio work for a plethora of short films!

Hire me now, and work with a rad queer woman!

Take a look at my commissions on ko-fi!

P.s, you can also commission a song from me! Want your very own Ariana Giroux track that no-one else will ever have?

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Boop, my next EP "Girl and her Sampler" is now available for pre-order on bandcamp! I'm super excited to finally be letting this project loose into the world!

It comes out on christmas, and its gonna be filled with lofi beats to study/relax to. I cannot wait to hear what yall think!

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Hey folks! My EP is live! Yknow, the one I've been working on on stream? Yeah that one! I'm super super proud of the way this one turned out, its by far some of the best work I've ever done!

Tune in for some , , and sounds! New straight to your earholes!

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Me PSA. If youve got any affiliations with radical free speech or religious freedoms, dont attempt a follow.

If you dont have pronouns in your bio, dont attemot a follow.

If you come across as a cis-het male colonizer fossbro, your going to need a whole lot to prove your not a bad actor.

Anyways. Basically, maybe try interacting before you follow...

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My EP is up. Happy pride, remember kiddos. No liberation for any of us without all of us.

So yall better quiet down and listen to what those folks most affected by queerphobia and transphobia have to say.

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I have taken to augmenting my language with kinds of hand-flappy

For example:
- confused hand-flappy
- excited hand-flappy
- timey-wimey hand-flappy-wappy
- aggressive info dump hand-flappy

I would now like to suggest that this become offical eclectic lore

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Boop! My album launched last night! Celebrate , , , art with me, and take a listen.

You could buy it, or you could just stream parts. Either would truly make my heart leap!

So here is a link to some ambient house/downbeat, and my celebration of !

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Diagram of what I would do if i had boobies:

( . Y . )

( . Y🤚)

It has always annoyed me that people assume I like any technology just because I like the web. "Oh so you're probably into cyberspace and blockchains and machine learning then". No I'm into information, it being free, and me being able to contribute to it. Most everything else is bullshit. Don't call me a fucking techie.

your fighting to stay cis im fighting the cis we are not the same

"Death to Neoliberalism"
Spotted in the University of Business and Economics in Poznan, Poland

Last flight takes off in a moment! Homeward bound, can’t wait to hug my cats

Surgery recovery updates 

Just boarded my first flight on the way home!

I think I'm just ... ready to launch the Kickstarter for The Beautiful Decay?

You can follow for a notifcation here:

Planning to launch this week! ASAP if enough people sign up, I guess!

I think if this hits 30 I'll go ahead and launch tomorrow

It's already at 25 so it's possible! 😅

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fun typesetting history fact:

back when newspapers were set with hot metal type, you would sometimes see the words ETAOIN SHRDLU after a typo. this was caused by the typesetters running their fingers rapidly across the first two columns of the linotype keyboard and was meant to be a signal to the compositors to discard that line and move on to the next

which of course did not happen 100% of the time because there was just a lot of shit going on

Surgery recovery updates 

Sitz bath #1 done, shower #1 done. Boy howdy is it a gory mess down there. It’s gonna take some serious getting used to needing to just let my boys hang out in the wind to dry

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Surgery recovery updates 


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I have a request Mastodon, I’ve just found out I need a kidney transplant. I was wondering if you all could respond with something positive and then reblog this? I’m going to put all the kind messages on my wall when I’m not homeless anymore and have them ready to look at when I feel defeated.

Also, I’m running a cat blog on here of my best friends cat to cheer me up. Hope you join our adventures @troublethecat

We're doing final beta testing of a new “Mail Drop" feature that allows you to send email to Drafts. If that's something you might find useful and would like to help testing, signup for the beta!

Surgery recovery updates 

I need to shower and go pee now but I’m gonna give myself time to calm down a bit more

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Surgery recovery updates 

Dressing and catheter has been removed, I’m supposed to go shower and try to pee. Having someone I barely know doing all kinds of things to my downstairs business and all the sensations and stuff put me into flashback

But my nurse was really great. She noticed I was in discomfort and asked if I was okay and I said “I’m a survivor of SA and this is hard emotionally” and she backed off for a moment. Then when we were done she said I looked not okay and if I needed anything and I told her that I could feel myself going into flashback and asked for something to help. She didn’t hesitate to get me Ativan, and hurried me back to my room.

I’m still coming down from the flashback, still feeling really shaky… but the Ativan helped a lot. I didn’t even go fully into flashback so that’s cool.

Arrrgh. Remote Code Execution via ICMP (i.e., ping) on all Windows versions. Next ransomware tsunami in 3, 2, 1, ... 😖

CVE-2023-23415 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Hey folks, be wary if contracted by organizations offering either self-paid or sliding scale medical care if you pass their screening, especially if they are a non-profit.

HIPA compliance is not required from people who provide medical care that do not accept direct insurance billing, and the California Consumer Privacy Act does not apply to non-profits.

I miss having a home where I could "have ideas" and do weird things like:

• build a sidewalk out of pavers and fill it with mint
• let the back yard get more wild and sustain local wildlife
• plant local tick-repelling plants to keep down lyme disease

Life wasn't meant to be lived in containers.

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