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Hey you! Yes you! Do you make music or short films? Do you struggle to get a clean polished sound out of your mix? Do you need to get your project ready for physical release?

Let me take the hassle off! I'm now taking commissions for Mixdown & Mastering! I have a decades worth of experience, an Audio Engineering & Production degree, and more self-made projects on my bandcamp than i care to count! Moreover, I've worked with Electronica producers, recorded 5 piece djent metal bands in studio, and done audio work for a plethora of short films!

Hire me now, and work with a rad queer woman!

Take a look at my commissions on ko-fi!

P.s, you can also commission a song from me! Want your very own Ariana Giroux track that no-one else will ever have?

(boosts very welcome)

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Boop, my next EP "Girl and her Sampler" is now available for pre-order on bandcamp! I'm super excited to finally be letting this project loose into the world!

It comes out on christmas, and its gonna be filled with lofi beats to study/relax to. I cannot wait to hear what yall think!

(boosts incredibly welcome)

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Hey folks! My EP is live! Yknow, the one I've been working on on stream? Yeah that one! I'm super super proud of the way this one turned out, its by far some of the best work I've ever done!

Tune in for some , , and sounds! New straight to your earholes!

(boosts very very welcome!)

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Me PSA. If youve got any affiliations with radical free speech or religious freedoms, dont attempt a follow.

If you dont have pronouns in your bio, dont attemot a follow.

If you come across as a cis-het male colonizer fossbro, your going to need a whole lot to prove your not a bad actor.

Anyways. Basically, maybe try interacting before you follow...

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My EP is up. Happy pride, remember kiddos. No liberation for any of us without all of us.

So yall better quiet down and listen to what those folks most affected by queerphobia and transphobia have to say.

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I have taken to augmenting my language with kinds of hand-flappy

For example:
- confused hand-flappy
- excited hand-flappy
- timey-wimey hand-flappy-wappy
- aggressive info dump hand-flappy

I would now like to suggest that this become offical eclectic lore

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Boop! My album launched last night! Celebrate , , , art with me, and take a listen.

You could buy it, or you could just stream parts. Either would truly make my heart leap!

So here is a link to some ambient house/downbeat, and my celebration of !

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I must say, im also very impressed with the battery life on this x260 under ubuntu.

except when i have 8 work documents open (via google docs), am screen sharing (via google meet), and in a google meet for work. Then it eats the battery pretty damned quick.

myabe i could just like. learn a new programming language?

but even then, which one? Go? i dont even know whats gonna be the most useful anymore, i stopped coding all the time like a year ago

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want program/fiddle with computers, have nothing to fiddle with

the curse, it is real.

aaaannnnndddd ive run out of steam on this.

that didnt take long

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oh ya i guess i need to re-buy a domain...

anybody got some suggestions on domain providers that might just take paypal and giv eme a domain for fairly cheap?

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well, the good news is that my previous domain is still in parking and I can still reclaim it.

The bad news is I don't currently have the funds available to me to re-buy it xD. I guess I'll have to wait until monday?

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A reminder that #Google is evicting the early adopters of its #GoogleWorkspace service (formerly known as #GoogleSuite aka #GSuite née #GoogleApps), who were still on the 'lifetime' #free legacy plan aimed at families, small communities and small businesses:

Free will always turn out to be #freemium and bite me in the arse.

(Yes, no need to tell me I should've known or to remind me to #deGoogle. Please keep that for your own posts rather than at-replies.)

oh ya i guess i need to re-buy a domain...

anybody got some suggestions on domain providers that might just take paypal and giv eme a domain for fairly cheap?

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the docs seem to suggest that i can do the entire setup process from a web browser. i guess well find out if i can actually do that xD

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i say this, but like honestly? I really don't wanna spend the spoons to hook up a monitor and shit

well see what happens

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taking my day off to install yunohost on my old server

im lazy, and just want a quick and dirty option to run a bunch of basic options

me: whys it smell like burned toast

sam: because i burned toast


sam: glad we had this talk

dear web devs: please stop fucking with my scrolling

installing steam on my work computer because fuck all this shit

Does anyone know a good markdown notes taking app that can sync with something like Nextcloud? Cause Joplin has been broken for a while cause of NPM dependency hell, and Simple Notes while also FOSS, requires an account to sync stuff 🙃

They do use end-to-end encryption for sync, but do I reaaaally wanna make an account for this?

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