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Hey folks! My EP is live! Yknow, the one I've been working on on stream? Yeah that one! I'm super super proud of the way this one turned out, its by far some of the best work I've ever done!

Tune in for some , , and sounds! New straight to your earholes!

(boosts very very welcome!)

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Me PSA. If youve got any affiliations with radical free speech or religious freedoms, dont attempt a follow.

If you dont have pronouns in your bio, dont attemot a follow.

If you come across as a cis-het male colonizer fossbro, your going to need a whole lot to prove your not a bad actor.

Anyways. Basically, maybe try interacting before you follow...

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My EP is up. Happy pride, remember kiddos. No liberation for any of us without all of us.

So yall better quiet down and listen to what those folks most affected by queerphobia and transphobia have to say.

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Oh look, I dropped the track I was teasing earlier!

(good god bandcamp drives me nuts sometimes... stupid url conventions)

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Whoopsie I totally didnt just upload a song. It totally isnt maybe a song about someone...

Check it out on bandcamp now! Downbeat electronica that was performed live with a bunch of hardware and no computer!

(boosts so incredibly welcome)

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I have taken to augmenting my language with kinds of hand-flappy

For example:
- confused hand-flappy
- excited hand-flappy
- timey-wimey hand-flappy-wappy
- aggressive info dump hand-flappy

I would now like to suggest that this become offical eclectic lore

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Sometimes you get bored and pissed off with the global pandemic, so you write a tune...

Check out a new track on bandcamp, streaming services soon!

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Boop! My album launched last night! Celebrate , , , art with me, and take a listen.

You could buy it, or you could just stream parts. Either would truly make my heart leap!

So here is a link to some ambient house/downbeat, and my celebration of !

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Know a trans music maker?

Send me there shit! I wanna make my life so hella trans. (Boosts welcome)

I put sunscreen on my iPhone 5 and thought, Damnit, do I really need a refund?

a few years ago, i started thinking "you know, it would be pretty cool if somebody took seriously the idea that G-d has no gender and came up with a third-gender system in Hebrew and used it to make a de-gendered siddur. i would love to see what that looks like"

and then i was introduced to the Nonbinary Hebrew Project and i was like "wow! i hope somebody uses this to make a siddur! that would be really neat!"

and then i was like "...oh, i'm somebody, huh"

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disability hearings are basically, "well you got up out of bed today and came to this hearing so that means you can hold a job, fuck off"

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Eat those skittles grow those tiddies

Also be in slightly less pain

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photo of meds, heavily filtered 

Lol morning meds time

I dont take a lot of meds what are you talking about... (And theres more to start soon)

blargh i have 2 tracks that are like... done i just feel like they are missing something.

but those are the two last tracks to girl and her sampler and ijust wanna get that ep released waaaaaa

I might just have a present for yall soon...

Best follow my bandcamp to find out first

(CW image has a bong in it)

Thanks for all the responses folks! Ive got Jellyfin running for now, but im having issues accessing my media from its current (and temporary) ntfs drive.

Ill get it sorted when i migrate it to my server.

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Hey folks, anybody got any recommendations for good media server altnatives to plex? I really wanna be able to stream movies from my piracy server when I'm not home.

Also I really wanna be able to watch my media remotely from my mobile device as well as (hopefully) cast said media as well.

How do i only have 3 tattoos and 8 piercings........

My priorites are so out of whack.

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photos of piercings and tattoos, ive never shared my tattoos? 

Wait ive never posted my tattoos before? Friggin wild

Tattoo 1: the words "Goodbye Blue Sky." In many ways this tattoo helped me take the leap and start presenting full time as a woman.

Tattoo 2: A pixelated heart with the trans flag as the fill, with a the date i started hormones over top and "never too late" underneath. This is my most recent tattoo

Tattoo 3: the outline of a heart, where the outline is broken up by a semicolon. I got this during a charity event, and yes. "This tattoo symbolizes a time the writer could have ended the sentence but chose not too."

All my tattoos are about self love and promising myself certain things. I.e, we gonna rock hormones. I have a bunch of designs I have ready but my tattoo artist is out of the game. I may have found a trauma informed trans artist tho so thats cool

Morning fedi, what kinda debased shit is going on today


Im in a lot of pain today, my hands and feet feel like clubs, i can feel every individual vertibrae yelling at me, my neck is locked, and i woke up with my shoulder and hip out of place.

I was confused and wondering why, and then i realized I havent had really any rest time for a few days. Im supposed to go to my partners to cook medicinal marijuna butter, but that sure does sound like standing and walking a lot

I love my current one, but i need a newer one. I have more piercings now and it bugs me im not showing them off xD

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midnight thoughts of a music producer

i need a new promotional headshot

Ive long described automatic thoughts and other such mental health struggles as "brain gremlins," tonight i asked my partner why The Doctor hadnt dealt with this clearly alien force, and her reply was:

"Maybe she has and it is all the better that she did. And she is really, really sorry but she can't get rid of all of them yet. But she can prevent them from destroying the whole of existence. She will come back as soon as she can fix it. She promises"

I... Thanks cutie, that helped.

i've got an old thinkpad t410 i could probably use as a live rig for a while if i do have to just rip the battery out and leave it at that.

i think it could run bitwig well enough xD

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Painfully detailed backups are now underway.

Need to go through my old drives and clear up a bunch of space to back everything up off this machine tho...

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*looks at thing on laptop*


oh ffs, the battery in my laptop has expanded enough its cracking the case... This being the computer i use to make music and everything else i do....

This has me very *very* concerned.

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