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It's not even June yet and I'm sick of rainbow flavored Facebook & Insta ads

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do you save memes on your phone/computer while you browse? (boosts welcome)

what do you call that feeling when every shower during quarantine feels like the first shower after a long ass festival bc you barely have enough energy to do it once a week

peak technology is me lying in bed next to my friend and we both share memes via instagram directs bc we're too lazy to move

new she-ra season!!!!

i'll se u guys in a few i got #@*$ to do

i CAN NOT believe that lady GAGA put out a SINGLE in F E B R U R A R Y and i'm only finding out about it NOW

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why can't people just constantly be rewarding me with attention in my Mastodon notifications even when I'm not 'posting' 'anything'

weird dream shit 

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today i realized that i really dream of concerts a lot and i don't know what to make of that.. like 90% of the dreams i remember (i.e. the ones i wrote down) have a concert setting

covid-19 adjacent, mh- 

slay the spire 

shouldn't the batteries in all the birds be changed by now? this whole quarantine situation is becoming slightly suspicious

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deluding myself into believing people have sex with me because of my piercing wit, and not because of my beautiful visage and stunning physique

Wondering Which Emoji To Add To A Good Night Text For An Inordinate Amount Of Time: A 21st Century Contemporary Novel

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Creepy fortune teller: "I'm afraid these cards indicate a great misfortune in your future"
ME: "not so fast!" *raises duel disk* "you triggered my trap card: mirror force!"
FT: "I'm sorry? I don't understand"
ME: "that clears the table of your reading. Next, I play pot of greed, which allows me to draw two more cards from the deck *lays out*
FT: "wha- that's not how this works. that's not how any of this works!"
ME: "and the new card is 'the world' upright, meaning I will receive a sense of completion and contentment in my current endeavors!"
FT: "what is going on?!?"
ME: "now I have defeated your evil fortune, so you are banished to the shadow realm"
FT: "please leave my shop"

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*gets down on one knee and produces a ring* will u be my podcast co-host

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