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slay the spire 

shouldn't the batteries in all the birds be changed by now? this whole quarantine situation is becoming slightly suspicious

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deluding myself into believing people have sex with me because of my piercing wit, and not because of my beautiful visage and stunning physique

Wondering Which Emoji To Add To A Good Night Text For An Inordinate Amount Of Time: A 21st Century Contemporary Novel

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Creepy fortune teller: "I'm afraid these cards indicate a great misfortune in your future"
ME: "not so fast!" *raises duel disk* "you triggered my trap card: mirror force!"
FT: "I'm sorry? I don't understand"
ME: "that clears the table of your reading. Next, I play pot of greed, which allows me to draw two more cards from the deck *lays out*
FT: "wha- that's not how this works. that's not how any of this works!"
ME: "and the new card is 'the world' upright, meaning I will receive a sense of completion and contentment in my current endeavors!"
FT: "what is going on?!?"
ME: "now I have defeated your evil fortune, so you are banished to the shadow realm"
FT: "please leave my shop"

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*gets down on one knee and produces a ring* will u be my podcast co-host

somebody said big time rush and i just


i have definitely gotten flak in the past for asking why i should care about online personalities saying trans rights. is this not the minimum we should demand of people? i don't think being treated with basic human decency is something to be celebrated.

it's nice that people say this publicly. but it's not the pinnacle of activism that it is portrayed as in some online trans spaces

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some cis dude with a twitch account: trans rights

the online trans community: omg KING! this is the greatest news ever!!!! can't believe you would be brave enough to say something like that we LOVE u!!! <333

covid-19: hrt being tested on men (serious) 

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"feel-good" doesn't actually feel that good. "feel-good" is an absence of discomfort, or difficulty, or friction

transformative learning feels *good.* not all the time, and it is ALWAYS uncomfortable, but it's rewarding on a scale that avoiding the stressors of thinking about what awful patterns and goals and ideas you've taken on just can't be

"feel-good" is anaesthetizing. and, depending on the thing you're trying to avoid or the specifics of your context, maybe that's fine. maybe what you need, right now, is to not be so stressed out

but one of the bigger problems with "feel-good, please don't ever make me sit with my own discomfort" is that it makes you think you have a choice between "ignoring problems" and "feeling awful and scared all the time." but actually, ignoring problems makes you continue feeling awful and scared all the time, in the long-term

and when you stop ignoring problems and start working on them, it feels *good* and makes new pleasures. even the ugly problems

also the older you get the harder it is to become friends with people so i might as well take what i can get before i'm left completely out of touch with the world (even more so than i already am)

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also what do you do when you've just established a new friendship with someone and you suddenly realize that about everything they do is questionable to you but you still like hanging out with them

i came here just to sing the praises for the latest cult of luna record

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social anxiety (shitpost) 

atmospheric sludge metal is quarantine music cmv

out of all the cis white male youtubers, tom scott is the one that still gets a go-ahead from me

tom scott video 

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2019: Joker comes out

2020: government says we can't be in a society anymore


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