@Olli_W_ 🌷 🌼 🌱yay for plants!!🌿 ☘️ 🍃

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It's not even June yet and I'm sick of rainbow flavored Facebook & Insta ads

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do you save memes on your phone/computer while you browse? (boosts welcome)

what do you call that feeling when every shower during quarantine feels like the first shower after a long ass festival bc you barely have enough energy to do it once a week

@porsupah i'm from germany so i feel your pain about trash ass eurovision songs. makes sense that this song didn't go that far tho, it's weird, but not in the "lulz so random" eurovision way that gave us the sax dude or the russian grandmas -- this is way too genuine for that. which makes it a great song tho

@porsupah the comments tell me this was a eurovision thing??? it just seems way too edgy for that. song is p cool beans tho

peak technology is me lying in bed next to my friend and we both share memes via instagram directs bc we're too lazy to move

new she-ra season!!!!

i'll se u guys in a few i got #@*$ to do

i CAN NOT believe that lady GAGA put out a SINGLE in F E B R U R A R Y and i'm only finding out about it NOW


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why can't people just constantly be rewarding me with attention in my Mastodon notifications even when I'm not 'posting' 'anything'

weird dream shit 

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today i realized that i really dream of concerts a lot and i don't know what to make of that.. like 90% of the dreams i remember (i.e. the ones i wrote down) have a concert setting

@TwoVealCutlets@hellsite.site it's a three minute song which contains exactly one line of lyrics. can you guess it?

wish i could forget that

@TwoVealCutlets@hellsite.site sorely needed after "bitch got a penis"

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