being a digital native just means you forget what you were going to do when switching tabs in your browser instead of leaving the room

had a conversation with my flatmate about how life is shitty and stuff and then i watched the new season of the end of the f**king world and one of my utterances was repeated almost verbatim

it did sound much more badass when alyssa said it tho

are folks here using goodreads? i need some people to follow so my front page doesn't look like tumbleweed

racism, misogyny 

most importantly though: i shall never touch my hair with a comb again

i just recently found out i have curly hair and i need to take proper care of it.

the good thing is, a lot of the product i used was already somewhat compliant with cg standards because i knew i had sensitive hair.

the bad thing is that there's much more to it than just the right conditioner and it's a lot of work

so here's a question that's been bothering me recently: when disney+ eventually eats up all its competition, where will all the netflix originals go?

if i just keep providing content eventually something's gonna happen, right?

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