Hey there! I’m Dirk and new to this instance. I noticed some other people are doing posts so I’ll do the same!

I’m bisexual and cisgender (he/him). I spent the last four years teaching radio and television classes at the small rural high school I attended when I was a kid. I resigned at the end of the school year and now I’m getting ready to go back to school to study graphic design.

I co-host a podcast called “OMG So Random Hehe!” and I love designing posters for concerts and other events in my spare time. I’m excited to be here and to get to know all of you! :heart_sparkles_bisexual:

@dirk Hi, welcome! I just left my job to go to university, too. I'm studying Urban Planning at a large university here in England starting next month.

I worked in radio here for quite a number of years. It's good to "meet" you!

@ak that’s really exciting! Urban planning sounds pretty interesting; how did you get there from a career in radio? Nice to “meet” you too!

@dirk I left radio a few years ago - the industry doesn't need nearly as many people now, because it's consolidated so much. I was in the community radio sector but that lost a lot of its money in the 2008 crash and subsequent public funding cuts.

I bounced around admin jobs and found one at a planning consultancy, enjoyed it, so I'm doing a degree to become an actual town planner.

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