CW your politics. Not doing it because you can't avoid it yourself is a dick move. I'm all for not letting people bury their heads in the sand but ignoring cw's for any reason is shitty and unproductive

@nebula but what warrants a CW and what does not depends on the individual. you can't ask for "CW everything that's politics" because everything IS politics.

so either you ask a person who posted something unCWed to your taste to change their ways, or just block them spot on if you don't enjoy interacting with them 🤷‍♀️

@uint8_t @nebula It's pretty easy to tell when a subject might be sensitive. If it's a gray area, CW it; it doesn't hurt anything.


@uint8_t @nebula If you have trouble with it then you can play it safe and CW (almost) everything.


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