it's a good job I totally don't doubt my gender over ridic stuff like the fact I'm drinking beer and watching baseball right? right?

that would be silly wouldn't it...


I used to have that insecurity over liking "masculine" things and whether I'm still "really" a woman quite a bit myself... 😅 But what I've realized is that ultimately, your experienced gender doesn't need to be validated; it *is* valid, regardless of what anyone thinks or whether or not you align with societal expectations for your experienced gender.

More directly, for example, if you have short hair, wear men's clothes, have a deep voice, do not do HRT, have not had any surgery, and enjoy playing video games and watching sports, I don't care what society says about you, if you identify as a woman, then you're a woman, end of discussion. Everything else is entirely up to what *you* want for *yourself*, and none of it can *ever* make you any less of what you feel you are deep down inside.

The same, goes, of course, if you identify as or and happen to match up with societal expectations for men or for women.

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