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so, my blood relatives are going to question me about all the money I poured out of stocks and savings, and what I spent it on. 

My response: "I wasn't doing anything with the money and other people needed it more than me!" Wrong. All they will gather from that is that you were aimless and irresponsible. Try again.

Real response: "I looked deep within the gutters, trenches and sewers of the city Seattle and what I find is strife. My funds were sitting and rotting away, enabling the exploitation of people with each penny of interest it gathered. I snare the ill-gotten gains in my cargo and set them loose, giving to the poor and needy, my acquaintances and friends! Those who plead for aid need the funds more than me.

"And with poverty comes this wisdom. I have the wisdom to know that my family needs now: so I have given. I came to them with other needs, and they have given. It is a constant exchange of coin, spoons, trauma, drugs and other goods. It allows us to cushion one another's falls and support others where we're strong. In any individual, a significant drop in a single need does catastrophic damage to the rest of their system. For a community, a sudden drop to one person is held together by the rest of the group.

"And so I am a Communist, because I live in a commune. And so I am a Socialist, because social gain means so much more than capital gain. And so I am an Anarchist, a warrior brave enough to face the greatest threat: the rich."

snakey: "only squids actually have tentacles, octopodes have eightacles"

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mentions of animal abuse and death 

god working in the medical field under capitalism is crushing
I've had my first real paid clinic job for only a couple weeks, and I've already seen my first instance of someone not being able to afford medicine for their pet. it's literally only a matter of time til I see my first patient who dies because their owner can't afford lifesaving treatment, and that's fucked.

also I've already been involved in one instance of someone telling us to euthanize their happy and healthy pet just because they don't want it anymore. Which, if your clinic does that, you just have to go along with. which is equally fucked up.

we have the resources to treat all patients if managed correctly. shelters would probably be less overcrowded, too, because everyone would be able to get their pets neutered and cared for instead of letting them fuck all over the town. resulting in less instances of convenience euthanasia.

This has also been my most uplifting job I've ever had, though. It's a fucking rollercoaster that I think I can handle.

when libs realize taking just one step back from the capitalistic hellscape subsuming them feels great, they're like "now let's use that energy to work harder! πŸ˜†"

if you die as a woman, you die in real life

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synth furry who keeps sucking on a USB drive like it's a straw

every so often they'll laugh at nothing and mutter something about "dank memes" and not elaborate

I remember the doubts and fears I had pre-transition.

I remember once having shoulder dysphoria, I somehow thought women weren't allowed to like, _have shoulders_ for some reason.
I remember once having chest dysphoria, feeling like I could never have anything visible there because transfemmes often get no further than a-cups.
I remember once dreading the thought of a 45-minute makeup session to have a face that was even remotely okay, yet I'm totally comfortable with bare eyelids and no less feminine for it.
I remember thinking I'd have to style my hair, wear some accessories and even replace my nerdy glasses to fit in. But I can let myself be plain and comfortable.

I remember yesterday wondering if I could pass and all it took was stuffing my bra for the first time to give me the perspective I needed. Of course I do. I pass my own checklist at least; not the one I made up last year but the one I feel inside. I'm exactly who I want and need myself to be.

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I just realized that the word "cyberpunk" is gonna get fucking St Elsewhere'd.

St Elsewhere was an expression meaning "one of the more obscure, less good hospitals in the area" - ex. "Well, we can take him to St Gerome's, St Christie's, or, y'know, St... Elsewhere." But then, in 1982, there was a show with that name, as a play on the phrase, and it was so wildly popular everyone forgot the origin of the phrase and will now only use it to refer to the show.

I guarantee you that in two years, if you say something like "Wow, Facebook just did [threat to digital privacy and human decency], that's pretty cyberpunk.", there will be a 50% chance the person you're talking to will say "what does that have to do with the video game Cyberpunk, that didn't happen in the plot πŸ€”"


When I was learning to read as a kid, my mom taught me to track my finger down the page to keep track of where I was. This was cause I would very often get distracted and lose my place, having to read it all again from the top since I was also totally incapable of skimming text. Now that mobile devices have come along my thumb is almost always touching the screen, scrolling so the line I'm reading is at the top. This has become so ingrained that I get frustrated if I can't scroll a large block of text because the window reached the bottom of the page or whatever else.

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if your game is about people getting body augmentations and it doesn't have any queer people in it, i'm just calling it cishumanism

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@dawnglen Merely being a disaster does not preclude one from cuteness. ^_^

it seriously warms my heart to see that everyone here adds alt-text to images as though it's the easiest thing in the world. The first time I did it I wouldn't have realized it was an option because it's hidden in a menu. How are you all so smart and cool?

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