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if your game is about people getting body augmentations and it doesn't have any queer people in it, i'm just calling it cishumanism

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@dawnglen Merely being a disaster does not preclude one from cuteness. ^_^

it seriously warms my heart to see that everyone here adds alt-text to images as though it's the easiest thing in the world. The first time I did it I wouldn't have realized it was an option because it's hidden in a menu. How are you all so smart and cool?

My dad: you can't just raise the pitch of your voice and sound like a woman. *lets out a strangled cry* see? doesn't work

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Dude Wipes™, the needlessly gendered wet wipes for MEN, may be an intrinsically ridiculous concept, but they're so ridiculous that no one buys them and they're always there even when all other wipes are sold out
so thank you Dude Wipes™

hrt mental changes 

one interesting change over the last three weeks is that I have to consciously convince myself to go to bed at a reasonable time instead of just staying up late with whatever I've gotten absorbed in
it's been years since I felt this way, I never really had issue maintaining my sleep schedule because I love sleeping
but the depression just made me so uninterested in everything that heading to bed would be a welcome relief from the boredom
anyway, case in point…it's 1am and I need sleep but I dun wannaaaa

my dad told me his parents were preparing a huge gift for me when I graduate college, and that he suspects it's gonna be a new car.

would my grandparents spend thousands of dollars on me to buy me a brand new luxury car? if so… :ablobcatheartbroken:

make gender legal instead of sex 

make hospitals do brain scans on all newborn babies and mark down their proper gender on birth certificates. parents who don't respect their child's gender identity can be sued for child abuse

One awesome genre I run across on Youtube occasionally are pets trained to speak using buttons. Of course they say simple things, usually just what they want, but it's really cute too

here's a piece of work I made for my art class today

funny story: earlier today I set my laptop on my desk on top of the project, which was made on bristol paper, and when I took it off the project was all warped and I got worried I damaged it. well it went back to normal after cooling off. sometimes you just forget that thermodynamics exist

I'm new here

The biggest news in my life lately has been switching to estradiol injections and boofing projesterone a week ago and it's _great_


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