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youtube is reccommending me a "weirdcore/dreamcore/oddcore playlist" and i cant help but feel like this is some sorta dunk

Details I've improv'd for my DnD character so far:
* Jevil believes the earth is neither flat nor spherical, but a hollow tube, and that on the inside of the tube exists a nega-earth where everything is the same but opposite
* Jevil is a femboy
* Jevil has two penises, though one is vestigial
* Jevil's last name - Stealeywheeley - was given to him after he was imprisoned for stealing a wagon wheel at the young age of 12
* The above crime is a direct result of the fantasy earth's school-to-prison pipeline
* Whereas the rest of the party went to prison for killing a cop, Jevil went to prison for killing TWO cops
* "Jevil" is a contraction of "Jorts" and "Evil"
* Jevil plays chess

Life could be worse, milk could have pulp

Cats? Very good. 10/10 noises, 11/10 fluff

Probably my favorite cat thing is sticking my fingers in their little mouth; they've got such tiny teeth and they're always so confused

Oh, it's dead. I guess this was just a beta release they had a while ago. Floodgap formally announced the project is dead.
A shame really.

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9.3.3 was wayyyy back in 2014, but apparently there's a 9.3.4 beta out now.
I guess it's also possible the Floodgap site got hacked.

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Holy shit, Classilla got an update? I thought it was dead!

Getting closer to my particular preferred setup at the new place.

The wireless desktop is a thing for other people.

Having a very strange Gentoo problem, building python-3.8.8[sqlite] freezes when compiling This is occurring on ppc32/gcc-9.3.0 and x86_64/gcc-10.2.0

hey y'all! my friend scar from high school is a single mother with two sons

this morning she was served papers by a hospital

her and her oldest son (7) had to go to the ER in 2017, the hospital is suing her for over $300,

four years later, for the unpaid visit

she is using part of her stimulus to pay the fees, but id love to help her pay the fees since every cent of the stimulus should be used to support her sons

please donate or boost:

I assume that functional medicine is medicine that has no side effects and involves a lot of parentheses

@myconidiosyncrasy ha, jokes on you, im 5'7 and was too dumb to notice i was bullied 😎

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