It's pretty wild that even the wimpiest computers these days have at least two logical CPUs and four billion bytes of RAM.

Losing at chess? You mean a king sacrifice?

The headband that the eva pilots wear is now colloquially called "cat ears"

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Watching Eva with the lads, took a break, and now we're playing Russian roulette with a nerf gun. We aren't even at the depressing part yet!

"titmouse" derives from "tit" — small bird, and "mase" — "tiny, little"

teeny tiny bird

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one of the last divisions to defend Berlin in 1945 was the SS Charlemagne, a French fascist unit who willingly signed up to the SS to commit war crimes in the soviet union.

so on this day we must remember fuck Germany and fuck German fascists, but also we must never forget fuck the god damn French

Thinking about that time when Skylab astronauts stuffed makeshift dummies into their suits and left them there for the next crew

Eva's animation cels recently went to auction - I wonder who has the cel for the hospital scene?

I'm a fucking programming wizard, and I am never doing recursive double-reversed string manipulation in bash again.

The goslings are now about as large as our fully grown ducks. They still have yet to develop their first set of feathers

(sorry for the terrible picture - only noticed when I was putting them away tonight)

Monty Hall: Would you like to switch?
Me, remembering the solution and how to maximize my chances of obtaining a goat: No.

Before you stand two trolleys, one never lies and the other contains a goat. Maxwell's demon asks if you'd like to switch trolleys

frogger is a pre-isekai. the trucks are all trying to send the frog to an rpg setting

@starwall John Harvey Kellogg was a really bad guy, but I appreciate his passion for a single part of the body. In his case, the colon. At one point someone criticized him from a religious POV and he said "does god have bowels, sir?" (no) "then I am more wonderful than he!!"

right wing conspiracy theories that would whip ass if they were true

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