The goslings are now about as large as our fully grown ducks. They still have yet to develop their first set of feathers

(sorry for the terrible picture - only noticed when I was putting them away tonight)

Tinker on Twitter:
"So I finally sorted out what happened to my brain. I, quite literally, hacked so much, for so long, and without enough breaks...
...that I burned all the glucose out of my brain & gave myself seizures."

10x superprogrammer misunderstands doctor, has seizure, claims too much thinking will give you a glucose deficiency.

Goslings are now almost a foot long, and they still have their baby fluff. They are going to be huge!

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Here they are compared to a two-month-old chicken - geese are huge!
I'm a little scared, they've already hissed at me

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Look at my tiny honkers! They're less than a week old and already the size of baseballs

Look at my poor little dummy, she got stuck in a hole.
I heard some rustling and thought it was a cat. I'm lucky she isn't a very stealthy duck, I might not've found her

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