Details I've improv'd for my DnD character so far:
* Jevil believes the earth is neither flat nor spherical, but a hollow tube, and that on the inside of the tube exists a nega-earth where everything is the same but opposite
* Jevil is a femboy
* Jevil has two penises, though one is vestigial
* Jevil's last name - Stealeywheeley - was given to him after he was imprisoned for stealing a wagon wheel at the young age of 12
* The above crime is a direct result of the fantasy earth's school-to-prison pipeline
* Whereas the rest of the party went to prison for killing a cop, Jevil went to prison for killing TWO cops
* "Jevil" is a contraction of "Jorts" and "Evil"
* Jevil plays chess

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