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Please hire me 

On that note, if anyone in central Ohio needs anything technical done - from network installation to computer repair to systems administration to webapps - I'm available for hire. I do pretty much anything related to computers and technology.
I can also do remote work, and have experience teaching programming.

My resume is available at , and I can be contacted via email at or via any of the methods listed at

Boosting is appreciated

Fun fact! Clown noses function similarly to mood rings; the common red color indicates lust


My tremors are getting worse, I've been double-tapping keys more and more often and I can't hold a pencil steady unsupported anymore.

That art I did for my Thirsty Sword Lesbians oneshot! 

-Stormie @ikksnay

-Cici @BestGirlGrace

-Kirsi @Kae_meows

-Sophia @miss_mochi

And RCG version for our two heros :3

CVE-2021-420-69: Arbitrary code execution found to be possible in all Turing machines

Granted killing Neelix was an admirable act, does that make Tuvix more worthy of life than Tuvok? Keeping in mind that Tuvok also aspired to kill Neelix? This is perhaps the deepest philosophical question asked by Star Trek Voyager

baffling college experience 

One of my first experiences in this new dorm was a random girl searching the entire floor for her cat at 5am, like full on going into peoples' rooms while they were sleeping; she even came into the bathroom while I was showering and just greeted me like it was normal.

She doesn't even have a cat! She did this while sleepwalking!

post-op trans girl

as in, she's been in the back seat of the Skyranger for half an hour, cradling the rookie as the squad's specialist uses the last of their medical supplies, alternately imploring him not to bleed out and screaming at him that he's not allowed to die yet.

most of the blood on her isn't hers, isn't even human. she can't stop shaking. Central was on the radio earlier, said this was an excellent outcome for the operation, so what does the median case look like?

she'd been prepared to give up everything for the Resistance. she barely sleeps, she only shaves every few days, with a sliver of unearthly sharp alien alloy, she wears the same baggy fatigues as everyone else. she looks in the battered metal mirror in the Avenger's barracks and doesn't know what she sees, what other people see when they look at her.

and yet, every month, there's a vial of pre-war estradiol and a handful of needles in the supply drop, just as illegal as everything else, but harder to source. someone else out there in the Resistance is prepared to give up everything for her, and they've never even met her. this is the most human thing she can think of.

it would have been easier to just give in and go to the ADVENT clinics, but that's not an option. it never really was.

she knows that there's an hour of flight left, an hour of debriefing, maybe four hours of fitful sleep, and then, she supposes, another briefing. and then she'll be a pre-op trans girl again.

what's in her pants? (not that her squad has ever asked.) her sidearm. a few spare mags. a pouch of alien weapons fragments. the will to keep going.

The main character in this novel I'm reading is a "player of games", and I know they mean that as in a Chess Grandmaster, but I keep imagining he's a Gamer(TM)

Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! 👀

is it true that zoomers dont know how to use clocks or money? if true, thats amazing. gives me some hope for the future

people online: construct elaborate narratives of irony to clown on their haters and show the hypocrisy of their assumptions

also people online: dont like plato, for some reason

the clown singles out a grumpy audience member "why are you not laughing? are you sick? maybe you should go see a doctor"

the person replies "But Pagliocci.."

Man goes to the doctor, says life is too happy and wonderful for him and he wishes he could relate to his depressed friends more. "Solution is simple," Doctor says. "Famously terrible clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. He sucks so bad. He's the worst ever. I would spit on him twice without thinking about it. His act is not in the least bit funny except when he bombs, which is always. In fact you look kind of like him, which is not your fault I guess but is really concerning. Go and contemplate what kind of just and merciful God would allow Pagliacci to continue to draw breath. Should fix you right up."

If antifa were even 10% as cool as both they AND right wingers would have you believe, Andy Ngo’s Wikipedia page would be in the past tense.

@geesehoward when I still worked in the hollywood WeWork, FaZe moved in and took like 10 offices next to us at one point, they smelled terrible

im milkpilled, which in turn makes me fartchamp



"How will I know when the femization hex will begin to take affect?" the Taliban member asked, his lower lip trembling.

"Dont you worry about that," the white witch replied, caressing his quickly smoothening cheek, "mommy reddit will take care of all those problems for you now"

The Mary Sue trope is a myth. Paul Atriedies, who has 48388 abilities, is an outlier and should not be counted.

-3 days into the school year and I've already locked myself out of my dorm. Doing great.

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