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Please hire me 

Somewhere out on the west coast of america there has to be a rideshare driver called alice....

California uber Alice...

I wound up forcing Zeroshell to install to a USB drive, resize the filesystem, and `dd` the USB drive to the CF card I used as a bootable medium.

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ST: TNG S02E05 

I'm putting Linux on some Soekris boards from the early 2000s. Neither can boot from USB, only from their onboard CF reader or from PXE.
Moreover, I can't even pull my usual trick of having GRUB chainload a USB drive.

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Man, I really take USB boot support for granted.
BIOS support for USB, too.

Asking for help, money, thank you 

ok so i know this is kindof a shitty time to be asking with the virus going around and all, but could anybody spare some money to help with getting hormone injections?

now that me and @violet are both on injections, our supply is dwindling faster than anticipated and we dont have money currently to replace it.

i can get 9 months worth for both of us for around $150, about the same price i was paying for a months worth of pills, from Lena...

if we dont get more estradiol for injections in the next month or two at least one of us will have to go without, and to be blunt i cant survive without HRT... detransitioning is essentially a death sentience for me...

and now with the virus going around im worried i wont be able to get ANY by the time we have some money...

please, if you can spare a little bit and help a physically disabled transfemme, i'd appreciate it so much ;~; | | $plausocks

i understand if you cant, money is extra tight 💗

I'm starting off with a noexec,nosuid,ro rootfs and then trying to gradually give exec/exec+suid to only the files that strictly need it.
It's turning out to be a bit of a pain.

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Somehow, in all my fiddling with Unix, I just now found out about the sg(1) and newgrp(1) commands, which allow you run a command with a different GID.
They make perfect sense in the scheme of traditional Unix DACs, I just never quite looked at GIDS as being as important as UIDS.

partner shenanigans 

Hi - I live with 2 extremely good gals and a cat with 3 feet named Jerry. We are all Latinx except Jerry, who is a cat (but he meows en Español). Problem: the job I’ve had for the past 2 years laid off a ton of people today. I dodged a bullet but my hours are being reduced. Roommates got unpaid leave, unemployment is jacked, one of them can’t file a claim until she gets her final paycheck. We have enough for rent/utilities for April, but we’re not sure what things are going to look like after that. I’m asking for financial help- anything is much appreciated. Please only give if you can. Money goes to:
1) Food (for humans + cat)
2) Rent / utilities
3) Meds I need for depression and panic disorder
In return, I can offer video editing. I also make glitched-out video mixes (IG@Oliveeronions) and I’d love to make a video for you. Choose whatever songs or footage you’d like!
CashApp $ghosthotel
Venmo @Alec-Garcia-6
Thank you!
:BoostOK: 🇨🇺 :n64: 💙
- @Oliveronions

I showed my gf a neat laptop on craigslist and now she wants to adopt it.
I'm not sure which of my partners is more liable to bring home a new pet/pet project.


Does anyone have a modern book on sabotage? Stuff like monkeywrenching and shit like that?

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hey, im in a bit of a bind bc of a 50 dollar overdraft fee i got from paying bills. i get with everything people may not be able to help but anything helps even a boost or a comment to help this gain traction for it to reach whoever

ah thank you for reading this

cashapp: $mercurythedragon

Something that sorta annoys me about my current home computer setup: I have so many devices that run off of either 12v or 20v power, but they all have their own weird power bricks.
I'm kinda thinking about frankensteining some horrific 12v power supply big enough to power all my 12v devices.

askin for money 

Rise and shine, Ms. Vance. Rise and shine.

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