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Eostre Emily Danne @danne@lgbt.io

"It Is Possible for Your Brain, Your Body, and Your Reproductive Systems to All Have Different Biological Sexes"

Worth a revisit!


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Body cameras are often pitched as an accountability measure to counter police brutality, but without necessary limits they're also a form of surveillance. eff.org/pages/body-worn-camera

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they should make android phones with rj-45 tbh

Monolithic kernels are lame, I'm sad microkernels never took off

Why on god's green earth does KDEConnect depend on xfsprogs

I repasted my CPU and got my thermals all below 80°C, even with all cores pegged 😊

Proprietary, centralized, and monetized. If those three words describe a service, you are subjecting yourself to exploitation by using it. Try to take as much control over your data as possible.

`git`in'! after midnight
Mergin'! to the dawn
Branchin'! 'til the morning
And I've pushed, I've pushed

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iscsi is so janky because Only Enterprise people use it tbh

I couldn't get genkernel to build a functional initrd, so instead I handed off control of my kernel&initrd to a Void chroot.
Which, honestly, is so dumb that I'm surprised I didn't try it sooner.


China pulled off a supply chain attack which impacted, most notably, the United States' intelligence and military agencies.
This is terrifying.

Or maybe I should give Solaris another go...