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Chess gets easier once you get the basic idea that moves are homeomorphic endofunctors mapping submanifolds of a Hilbert space

tired: IntelliJ IDEA
wired: NeoVim with an assortment of language server plugins
inspired: nvi running on 4.4BSD
fired: `cat << __EOF >> file.txt`

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[Update] Identity articles now show an infobox with the flag and its meaning, related identities, popularity (data from the @gendercensus) and a link to its pride gallery. 📊

Check the article for an example! nonbinary.wiki/wiki/Androgyne 💛

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Shouting into the void (please boost): Looking for an old-ass copy of Ghostscript, at least version 1.3 (which has DOS binaries, because screw actually building this), up to 2.1.1.


My coworkers are currently arguing over the spelling of "Hawaiian".
Things are getting incredibly heated.