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Please hire me 

On that note, if anyone in central Ohio needs anything technical done - from network installation to computer repair to systems administration to webapps - I'm available for hire. I do pretty much anything related to computers and technology.
I can also do remote work, and have experience teaching programming.

My resume is available at , and I can be contacted via email at or via any of the methods listed at

Boosting is appreciated

xkcd, passage of time 

The XKCD Timeghost comic (2014) is old enough to be in second grade

stock market 

Did the fools at r/wsb actually manage to pull this off!?

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stock market 

What the fuck is happening with GME right now

The "A" in "IBM" stands for "Adheres to the standards that they created"

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I am going to perform grievous bodily harm on whoever designed this PSU pinout.

kink misinfo 

oviposition kink is when you're turned on by where eggs are

Either this PSU spits out exclusively negative voltages, or my multimeter is broken.
I hope it's the latter

my pussy deemed as political by gamers for having girls in it

One last push before I start properly gearing up for this year's survey - does anyone have a spare £/€/$ for the Patreon crowdfunding pot? :)

food ment 

My GF is making breakfast for dinner and did super good taking care of the livestock while I was away.
I don't know what I'd do without her

Something fun about being gay is how often my partner and I share weird horny dreams about the same person

terrifying realization 

I just remembered my parents let me disassemble a dead #CRT TV when I was a kid so that I could learn from it (all I learned is that I know nothing about #electronics), but that is something you should never do if you aren't a professional, because they can store charges for a long time, so even if you disconnected it, you could get electrocuted.

So, I could totally have died 🙃


Today has been one of my better days, which is surprising given the day's shenanigans.
I'm exhausted now

ive never seen star trek so i wrote down all i can remember on the spot from internet osmosis

sorry, it's actually against the CIA mandate to operate domestically

checkmate conspiracy theorists

let's not all deradicalize just because the democrats are nominally in power now

Mentally replacing every time I hear "daddy" with Shinji screaming "FATHER!"

the fbi has "fidelity" on their seal. i think this means that cucking an fbi agent is revolutionary action

overheard: "don't say 'data leak', say 'unanticipated off-site backup'" :blobcatbusiness:

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