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Hey, are you into that blistering hot chisme? Are you in a constant state of :abuelita: ? Do you wanna help support a queer Mexican artist? Well, take a look at my Redbubble shop! (Boosts help tremendously too!) :lotcora:

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in the 70s we had carl sagan as our prominent science evangelist, a man who did significant astrophysics research, got himself arrested several times protesting nuclear weapons development, and was primarily concerned with how science could be used to uplift human dignity. in the 20s we have richard dawkins, an old racist bat

So, I gave Minetest a try and it's surprisingly good. I like how much bigger the caves feel, it's actually claustrophobic at times and much more fun for mining

"we cannot feed our current population" somehow coexists with the fact that we have enough food to feed 3 billion more people than there are. and somehow people's solution to this is always eugenics instead of tackling the actual problem that is global capitalism

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Hi all! We're in day 4 of the seventh annual international Gender Census, and we are almost at 9,000 responses, with one new submission every ~48 seconds!

If the gender binary has failed you, join in! We want to know how you refer to yourself.

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Whether you are using a regional bus website or Google Maps, keep in mind that online travel planners are a treasure trove of information for intelligence agencies and cops!

So if you're going to an activist thing:
- Always use Tor
- Always put in big public departure and destinations points. Never put in your real address and the destination of the action.
- Hang on to paper maps and paper bus schedules for when you need to really stay off the radar.

Stay safe!

Roses are red
Transition takes guts
The doctors removed
Bofa deez nuts

gargron told me if this post gets ten thousand boosts he'll give me the website and i will become the new gargron

my gender is like one of those chemical things where you heat it up and it just grows a gigantic tentacled horror out of nothing

Trans people, when was the first time you saw yourself positively represented in tv or film?

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