Sputnik/yaaps update; please boost and fund 

So I've been screwed over by three roommates in a row. Clearly I've needed to be more cautious.

What happened is the first one stayed with me for a couple months, signed onto the lease, then left without warning. She said she'd pay her share of the due-in-a-week rent, but that never happened. Next a new guy stays for a couple weeks, relapses on booze, checks himself into detox (promising to pay when he gets out in a week), and then goes straight to rehab and never pays. Finally a new girl says she's coming with money up front, but it turns out she lied to her dad about where she was moving and he forces her to go to a halfway house.

After all this I'm $570 short on rent, to say nothing of utilities.

Anything from cash to warm thoughts would help at this point.

Cashtag: $seylerius
Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/Seylerius

as an addition if you want to do some good she loves getting letters

address is

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center 2001 Mill Road Alexandria, VA 22314

she can only get white paper, no cards or postcards and shit

apparently she can get newspapers too so trotskyites can participate

reminder chelsea manning is still in jail

If you have a sungo-shaped hole in your company, I'm actively looking for a remote gig. My resume is over at https://sungo.wtf/resume.pdf - Boosts very welcome

hey, subs

you are allowed to say "i cannot do that"
your owners do not have the final day on what happens
you are the last line of consent, and you are allowed to reverse consent at any point
your owner should love you, not make you scared to defy them

romance-, but it's a joke 

referring to all of my girlfriends only as "my girlfriend" so that people think i have only one girlfriend who is *extremely powerful*

HRT, bad joke 

moving, maybe mildly bougie 

I need help..
I owe about $800 for car insurance, and have a month to pay it.
I only work part-time, and I would strip for it but I am in no physical or mental condition to do so.
I will happily sell my art if anyone is interested in that, commissioned nudes, domme-y private conversations... if you have anything you can spare, PLEASE feel free to cashapp me, my tag is cash.me/$assdemon
DM for services.
PLEASE SHARE THIS. Anything will help at this point, I promise I’m working on my end.

what if we kissed 😳 in a healthy relationship with strong communication and mutual effort & respect for each other 😳

"Getting to see a cutie" turned in to moving in with a cutie, who is now very much my partner, and I think I qualify as a U-haul lesbian now
It's been a weird week

hrt stufts, endo, very positive 

please read this, violence, protesting, antisemitism and racism 

request for financial help 

HIV prevention PSA (tldr you can get PrEP for FREE) 

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