@quokka We live here, in this nightmare almost every day. It isn't as bad as this, but... backup your data. Send it to the cloud. Get a handful of memory sticks.

Print everything out. Copies, versions, stick stuff in github...

Make unlisted Pastes in Pastebin...

Just recalling all the little nooks and crannies that I've used when doing something really important.

My sympathies, that's really all I got. :(

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no one asked, no one wanted them, they're here anyway

also i'm in like pretty bad poverty and can barely make rent so venmo is @ jjx12 if you want to buy me a tire (or at least take the edge off the price a little bit)

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Hey #darktable users : since september 2018, I have added 14050 lines of code in darktable's core, being the 2nd most productive dev for 2018/2019, and father of filmic, color balance v2 and the new UI design, in addition of providing doc, tutos, advice and various bugfixes. I'm working full time on more cool projects (modules and R&D), but I'm still paid way below minimal wage. If you can spare a few €, you can help me to help you long-term : liberapay.com/aurelienpierre/

managed to boot i.mx8m for the first time using self-built-from-source arm trusted firmware (ATF) and u-boot. neat. to make it work on EVK, lpddr4_switch_to_3200() has to be commented out in ATF. next up: linux kernel + etnaviv

The ‘green new deal’ is to climate activism what ‘same sex marriage’ was to the LGBT movement.

It’s the most limited, most reformist goal available, that’s pushed by NGOs and - yes - green corporate funding, to co-opt the energy and potential of a movement that could be revolutionary.

We can’t achieve queer liberation within the state. We can’t save the planet within capitalism. The idea that we’ll get to the revolution if we just put all our energy behind a reformist goal first is misguided.

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