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Please hire me 

On that note, if anyone in central Ohio needs anything technical done - from network installation to computer repair to systems administration to webapps - I'm available for hire. I do pretty much anything related to computers and technology.
I can also do remote work, and have experience teaching programming.

My resume is available at , and I can be contacted via email at or via any of the methods listed at

Boosting is appreciated

I demand that at least one Soyuz be kept operational forever so when our civilization is about to collapse we can ensure Soyuz is the last spacecraft ever flown

Those white tubes are resistors! And they're dissipating a little less than 60 watts of heat!

I didn't expect much for such a cheap incubator, but I sure didn't expect they would just be using resistive heating for the unit.

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Set up a new (small) incubator today, and noticed the power supply on it was a 12v 5a dealio. A closer look at the electronics showed nothing that should reasonably be sucking down 60 watts of juice - just a microcontroller and some weird white tubes. I stop worrying about it - maybe they got a good deal on 60w bricks for their bigger units. A few minutes later I'm working inside the unit when my hand brushes one of the white tubes - and it burns!

Very frustrated; Unifi says I've correctly assigned a new VLAN and IP for this VM, but the VM keeps getting the old IP.
Computers, huh?

:lgbt_io: WE ARE BACK!!! Now on the latest version v3.4.6!

I am extremely sorry as I was unable to spare enough time to continuously troubleshoot due to my full time job and the issues on the server keep coming one after another..

Please bear with me, I would like to monitor our server for a day or two after all these incidents, before bring back the customisations such as themes, toot character count (of 1,500), max pins (of 10), etc. I will also update our Patreon Supporter list.


We're back!!!! Hope everyone is doing well!!! :heart_pride:

hey all! i’m rune, i’m a disabled non-binary student living with my also disabled trans fiancee.

we had a load to pay out earlier in the month and now unfortunately have nothing left for our energy bills which have already gone up by £55 from £85 to £140. We also owe around £50 towards debt payments.

raiden, looking straight at the camera: endless war for political and economic supremacy is bad for everyone

gamers: lmao what was hideo kojima smoking when he wrote this

you will live to witness manmade "fuck it, sure"s beyond your comprehension

I forget if it was Vonnegut who talked about how artists actually have no real impact, how it's a stupid idea to think they can make a difference, but if it wasn't for Slaughterhouse Five, do you think anybody in this country whatsoever would talk about Dresden? There's no fucking way, nobody below the age of 20 would have any fucking clue. I think art has power even just as a collective memory store for that kind of reason.

*walks up to a wlw couple*
So which one of you can drive and which one of you can sew?

'river valley civilisation' is what i call my yeast infection

#BOFH excuse #401:

Sales staff sold a product we don't offer.

For the first time in my life, I have exactly enough hangers for how many clothes I have. I feel like a real adult.

I'm a disabled trans woman living in ukraine. Me and my family are currently trying to leave the country
So far we are getting by but every bit helps! Any donations or boosts are welcome!

( @wgahnagl is handling the donations since getting money into ukraine directly is nearly impossible )

venmo: wgahnagl

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