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Please hire me 

On that note, if anyone in central Ohio needs anything technical done - from network installation to computer repair to systems administration to webapps - I'm available for hire. I do pretty much anything related to computers and technology.
I can also do remote work, and have experience teaching programming.

My resume is available at , and I can be contacted via email at or via any of the methods listed at

Boosting is appreciated

EoE Kinda-spoilery 

Humans float on LCL
1) Cover yourself in restraints
2) Wait for it to Third Impact
3) Be the eternal proof that humankind flew

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EoE Kinda-spoilery 

YUI: My work here is done
SHINJI: But you didn't do anything!
YUI: ...
YUI: *fucks off into space*

Why not bundle dependencies - Gentoo Wiki

Hmm, neat. This article changed some of my opinions on package management, and, specifically, Appimage

Long shot, but:
Does anybody here know about hacking a Powermac G5 to have more RAM? I have a 1969C DP 1.8Ghz, which has four DIMM slots - the two higher end models, 2.0 & 2.5 Ghz DP, have eight slots. The thing is, I can see the unpopulated slot headers on the board, so it looks like Apple just neglected to include the extra RAM slots on the lower end model. Theoretically, you could just solder on a new slot.

Anybody on fedi know if this particular mod is possible?

Look at my poor little dummy, she got stuck in a hole.
I heard some rustling and thought it was a cat. I'm lucky she isn't a very stealthy duck, I might not've found her

hospitalized after attempting a sex act i read about on 4chan called "the ever given"

cut to Gendo being like "what do you mean he would've done anything I wanted if I just said I'd like him for it?"

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Shinji: I don't think I should shoot the puppies, Kaworu

Kaworu, handing him a gun: But Shinji I love you

Shinji: oh yeah okay then

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evangelion art, no body horror, boosts++ 

eva unit 02? eva unit 02

Shinji: I'm insecure

Kaworu, wearing a t-shirt that says Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss: We've only spoken one other time but I love you

Shinji, who has gone immediately blind in the face of any direct affection: oh wow

cursed, body horror 

"Ey baby, I'll suck the tapeworm right outta your bussy hole"

drawn ec, body horror? is an evangelion, my art 

get in the robot shinji

Reminder that my only income is through commissions and tips

I currently have $10, i'm not sure when i'll be getting my taxes but hopefully i will get them this month

please consider commissioning me, info for that is over at @muttmusk

or tip me if you like what i do


CashApp: $MuttMusk

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