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NaK alloy is drinkable, it just isn't recommended.

PHP strpos returns the index of the front end of the string, not the trailing end, doesn't it.

That's four hours of my life I'll never get back, crap.

Motherfucking PHP is causing me no lack of troubles.

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i need to install a not-ubuntu OS on my laptop

quick what's your fav distro~!?

Oh that's a problem
My dev server doesn't have PHP on it. I should probably get that installed before bragging about my wonderfully configured servers, shouldn't I?

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Why is it so hard to connect a domain name to a server, jeeeeez

I should probably set up some security stuff on my VPS before going to bed, shouldn't I?


Yeah sex is good and all but have you ever crawled into bed with freshly shaved legs?

Okay gays listen up
I'm going to host a server

I picked Linode out of the blue because they gave me $50 credit some months ago, but also I've done basically zero research into who to use for hosting.

Before I go too far with Linode, is there anything I should know?

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the inherent premise of this joke rests on the self-evident absurdity of applying normal social expectations to government surveillance. But why is that absurd? If the FBI agent watching me through my webcam can't abide by the normal ties that make up society, how can they ever be expected to be just or fair? we talk a lot about the extrajudiciality of the IC but we don't ever talk about the extra-sociality and that's really interesting to me—even above and beyond any political stmt

elementaryOS is weird. It's nice and friendly out if the box, but there's not a lot of customization to do. Plus, for something Ubuntu-based, the software selection isn't all that notable, at least not with adding a bunch of PPAs.

I dunno, I'll just shrink the install and keep it around for when I inevitably need to fix Arch.

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What the heck, it is 02:00, what is Audrey doing posting in the group chat.
What am I doing posting on Mastodon.
What are you doing reading this?

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btw friends don’t let friends say “preferred pronouns”

it’s just “pronouns”
preference implies the user has any choice

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extremely trying to explain Doctor Who voice

Well, you see, it's all a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, gendery-bendery....