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hi. if i just followed you, you probably know my alt, who doesn't post about gender stuff. (that's because, i realized too late, i picked a username traceable to me, woops)

well, sometimes i wanna talk about that stuff so i have this acct, which is anonymous. incidentally, much of the stuff i want to talk about is my site, because i think its good and i want people to know about it

fuck off ill give you a better reason to look up to me

the ultimate emo boy look: being a girl

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oops, domain name for expired

no one's really using it so i might just let it go

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so many of my friendships were super weird / awesome when i was younger because i was [gay]. like infatuation and friendship are still so confused in my head

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yeah yeah trans people tend to choose the superpower of shapeshifting but also mind reading is im sure a close second

but like, i love testosterone singing voices ngl. glad i have one of my own

actually im glad im trans only because i can sing that misty mountains song

gosh why did i become straight like WTF am i doing

i just can't understand straight relationships

on TV its always like "why'd the cram in this relationship like what value does it serve"

and then they cram in a gay relationship that really shouldn't be there and im like "OMG HOLY SHIT THAT'S SO CUTE"

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Trans dads & NB parents, I see and appreciate you today

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@er1n @chosafine ah yeah
been a while since I last read that one

also CW: all the trans/disphoria ones, eating disorders, cis nonsense

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