Trying out my new light box and watering down my acrylic ink for a water color effect. Used Phanpy as a test subject. Still the best elephant Pokemon!

If you think this toot is about you, it probably is, dumbass.

What’s the point in content warnings if people just put whatever they want in a poor attempt to be funny?

A large chunk of the Fediverse was scraped; your posts are being “released” 

Boyfriend feeling better. Yay

Now he is asleep and we have plushies in the bed. Time to fall asleep to a podcast.

I love my boyfriend, goodnight (´ω`)

Anti-intellectualism needs to be destroyed. Why do you think scientific racism still exists? Why do you think the whole "XX AND XY CHROMOSOMES DETERMINE YOUR SEX" thing exists? Why do you think people deny climate change? Or think vaccines are dangerous?

There's a dangerous trend of anti-intellectualism and deliberate ignorance. It isn't the source of every problem but it sure as fuck needs to have something done about it. This is why I think it's so important for things to be explained for normies without jargon in ways they can understand. Otherwise, someone else will give them the wrong explanation... and it's that much harder to deprogram.

This is why education is important too. Just not the way we educate our children right now, which is as dull and boring as possible, and overworks them for no reason.

health (-), emeto/vomit mention 

health (-), emeto/vomit mention 

health (-), emeto/vomit mention 

The Silent Book Club, + 

health (-), emeto/vomit mention 

Ace is valid, queer, and stronger than you so watch out

For sale: assigned gender, never performed

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