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I'm The Leviathan, but I go by Levi for short. I'm a 20-something (over 23, but I don't want to update this yearly) gay trans man (he/him). I'm black and filipino and sort of identify as blasian but I don't know much about my filipino culture.

I sometimes suck at being friendly because I'm an old fart and easily annoyed. I definitely am a "dad" type friend, though - always checking in, being concerned, and all those things.

I'm in law school and I work in criminal defense, mostly interested in helping LGBTQ people and doing post-conviction work. I live in NYC, speak Japanese, and I love anything dark. Gothic horror, Asian cinematic horror, classics, history, video games, web design, writing, traveling, and goth music are all things I fancy.

Definitely demisexual and don't do well with flirting. I'm very much a pro-ship/pro-content person, believe aces and enbies are valid LGBTQ members, and the king of unpopular opinions (it comes with the career). Yes, we'll probably disagree, but I don't block unless you absolutely irritate me.

I often am locked just because I like privacy, but send a follow request if you're interested.

If Pluto isn't a planet then Why does it have a sailor guardian?


hey! i have 5 days left to raise funds for my trip to oregon to move my things and rabbits back to michigan

i was hoping canceling one of my flights would reinburse me, but i was reinenbursed *in credit*

my folks said they would help with the trip but decided not to help after i bought (1st) plane ticket

instead they are telling me that they will "pray for me"

please help me! I am 45% funded and need all the help i can get, even $1 will help

thank you!

there's no actual point to this comic, it's just a conversation i had with my parents circa 2000

Reminder that in the Mario Party series of games, Bowser can do a "Bowser Revolution" where he takes the coins from all players and redistributes them equally to everyone

Rule one of mastodon, if I catch you making a post I already made, I will sue.

Members of a police force are humans who let themselves be employed as executives of a state's monopoly on violence.

Pigs are one of the largest groups of victims of violent speciesist exploitation.

Please stop conflating the two and stop victimizing pigs even more by using them in your awful attempts at dehumanizing members of the police!

Pigs are not to blame.

help a gay black trans man in law school 

Obligatory public interest law school fund post.

Hi, I’m Levi, and I’m a gay black trans man in law school. I’m going into my last year and I plan on doing public interest nonprofit work for LGBT advocacy.

The best part about working is that I get to help lots of people in need. I love it, honestly. The downside is that for a lot of us in this field, we get like 0 dollars. I have to pay my rent and afford my hormones... like all of us really.

If you’d like to donate, you can! But no pressure.

My CashApp: $lucifugel

Please DM for my PayPal and Venmo.

mutual aid request, HRT & food 

I hate to ask again, but December's three month prescription will run out in a month or so, and I only have enough to pay for a small groceries topup.

For extra fun, the new practice isn't willing to help with bloodwork, so I'm left with either being stuck with *those* costs too, or going DIY, as I'd at least have it under my control without hoop-jumping, and could finally switch from finasteride to busurelin, a surprisingly affordable GnRH agonist.

Either way, it's a chunk of change - £160 prescription + blood tests + £15/mo fee, or about £220 for a slightly longer supply of E2 gel and P creme, and busurelin spray.

On top of that, groceries come to a good £35/week, and finally resuming the contact lens subscription will require three months in advance - there's another £45. This pair's over a year old, which is *just a bit* over their intended lifetime.

Ah someone donated! Whoever you are S***, thank you! Blocked out the name to keep it private just in case. But if you want to reach out, send me a message! 🥰🦇

help out a black transman in law school (donations, ok to boost) 

Hi hello!

I am a black trans man and I'm also in law school! Without saying too many specifics to potentially doxx myself, I'm a rising 3L (third year) law student. I currently work in criminal defense, will be doing impact litigation during the summer for LGBTQ people, and I hope to make LGBTQ impact litigation a career of mine.

I'm a first generation student and so I'm paying for law school with a generous scholarship and lots of loans! Boo, I know.

By doing public interest work, I sadly don't make the big bucks like some of my corporate-focused classmates.

Want to help me do cool shit like writing post-conviction relief motions, all while fueled by caffeine?

You can donate! Or boost! Thanks!

CashApp: $lucifugel

(Please PM for PayPal and Venmo).

I've got some more slots open for emoji commissions, DM me if you're interested!

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