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I'm The Leviathan, but I go by Levi for short. I'm a 20-something (over 23, but I don't want to update this yearly) gay trans man (he/him). I'm black and filipino and sort of identify as blasian but I don't know much about my filipino culture.

I sometimes suck at being friendly because I'm an old fart and easily annoyed. I definitely am a "dad" type friend, though - always checking in, being concerned, and all those things.

I'm in law school and I work in criminal defense, mostly interested in helping LGBTQ people and doing post-conviction work. I live in NYC, speak Japanese, and I love anything dark. Gothic horror, Asian cinematic horror, classics, history, video games, web design, writing, traveling, and goth music are all things I fancy.

Definitely demisexual and don't do well with flirting. I'm very much a pro-ship/pro-content person, believe aces and enbies are valid LGBTQ members, and the king of unpopular opinions (it comes with the career). Yes, we'll probably disagree, but I don't block unless you absolutely irritate me.

I often am locked just because I like privacy, but send a follow request if you're interested.

making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

Why are white people so obsessed with pretending to be every other race? It is wrong to call yourself a person of color online and to hide under racial ambiguity when you know damn well you are white and list yourself as white on forms. I absolutely hate it here.

@gumby So you want to explain why you are now listing yourself as Korean despite telling me on Discord that you’re white and that you ID as white IRL? And how you sent my partner “proof” of your “Asian eyes” in a photo?

I'm not one of those "~good vibes~" people and I certainly hope I don't come across that way. I mean, I don't intentionally hurt people's feelings but I'm pretty direct with my opinions and I hope that much is clear when people interact with people.

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Raz joked he'd get me this "grumpy daddy" t-shirt and at first I chuckled because obviously that wouldn't apply to me but I'm irritated currently because of something annoying someone said so now I definitely need that t-shirt.

if you asked me to guess how many colours were in this image I would not believe you when you told me it was *eight*

Checking the news every 5 minutes to see if this bitch died

This is inspired by the Inktober prompt "Wisp" :) I'm still not satisfied by the animation but eeeeh, it's fine.
#PixelArt #MastoArt

my nicest pixel art yet 

that took such a long time, but isn't it cute ? :blobcatuwu:

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