Please consider writing your hashtags in upper camelcase so screen readers have a chance at figuring them out.

#whyistayonmastodon sounds like an giant undecipherable mess of sounds.

#WhyIStayOnMastodon reads out "Why I Stay On Mastodon" 😄

(Reason #44 I stay here: my previous requests like this have been generally well-received, proving that most people are awesome.)

support a black “creative” AKA black law student 


Reminder that Breonna Taylor was a human being whose life has value, who had friends and family, who was loved and her life was brutally taken from her.

Maybe let's not turn that into a meme (which are literally jokes).

hasty: femboy hooters

tasty: a dessert cafe named Cakes

Happy Daddy Day to all the DILFs on my timeline

Please god do not say testosterone is a poison. So so so so so tired of hearing it from trans femmes in my circles fedi and off. I get it. I'm trans too. I know how testosterone makes me feel. But:

1) it is not a strictly male hormone as cis females produce some themselves

2) trans men who take T are definitely not poisoning themselves

3) saying it's this awful poison and scapegoating it for all of your personal problems is pretty shitty

Weekend reminder about - an instance I admin that is centered around cooking and food! It's open for registration by approval just to keep spam down.

Features of the instance include:

- 5000 character limit on posts to enable easier sharing of recipes!
- When posts federate out, they automatically have a food CW applied, so there's no need to CW general food posts!

There's already a lovely little group of folks using the instance, but we can't have too many cooks!!

Or do you assume that white is the default and not notice people who look like you?

Big surprise, I notice POC ALL THE TIME. I can't *not* notice them. The town I live in is 80% white. I *notice* other POC. Not because they're remarkable, but because it means *I'm not the only POC in the room*.

I notice because too often I *am* the only brown person in the room. When I see another POC, it's like, "oh cool, I'm not alone today".

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I think a lot about how to explain the problem with whiteness to people. How if you're white, you are by default blind to certain shit.

The best way I can think to explain it is this:

When is the last time you, as a white person, noticed other white people?

When you go to the grocery store, do you notice other white people? The laundromat? The salon to get a haircut? The DMV? The bottle return place?

Do you see other white people? Do you marvel at seeing them?

support a black “creative” AKA black law student 

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I have woken up to a lot of generosity. Thank you! 😭🖤

support a black “creative” AKA black law student 

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my face (no eye contact), picture of my fursona (drawn ec) 

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my face (no eye contact), picture of my fursona (drawn ec) 

support a black “creative” AKA black law student 

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support a black “creative” AKA black law student 

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