Hey, since Mastodon is a kind of a dating place, I announce that I am single and I'd love to meet new people, especially trans women, talk about everything we would like to, get acquainted etc.

Sounds nice to you?
Is it okay to do this?

Come, I'm shy, but I don't bite (except if you ask for it).

And boost this toot as much as possible!

Thanks :blob_cat_heart:!

the reason you need to CW your nudes and porn isn't because someone might be at work. it's because someone might not want to see nudes or porn.

this message has been brought to you by the association of people in favor of content warnings that actually say what the content is.

buying women's clothes and making butch ish outfits outfits out of them because soft butch tbh

making a masto blanket fort. fave to add a blanket. boost to hop in and get cozy

The first thought in my head any time I see a "CAUTION: HEAVY PLANT CROSSING" sign is still "fuck! triffids!" and I think it always will be

Wow so kinnie is a new word for me but okay. I prefer space cat 🌌🐈✨

LB sorry but I broadcast my gayness on all bands at all times it suffuses the air around me like a queer aura. Nobody ever doesn't know I'm gay

Space, where nobody knows you're gay.

the cybersun rises over the lewd fields and shitpost plains

it is mastodawn again

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kink + O/p mention Show more

mfw having l'esprit d'escalier about a year late and wishing I could just time travel back and tell my former self exactly what to say to that jackass

1 boost = 1 totally bananas moment from the old star wars books

So I just read that their might be some TERF activity going round.

All I have to say to that is

:lazer_F: :lazer_U: :lazer_C: :lazer_K: :lazer_T: :lazer_E: :lazer_R: :lazer_F: :lazer_S:

And fuck you if you defend that behavior.

I don’t suffer that shit gladly, and you will be deservedly dragged for it.

Why not visit the Suricrasia Online Online Library? We've got uhhh *deftly picks book off top of "most popular" pile* Leveraging Unbreakable Curses For Long Term Data Storage


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