When you see your favorite stuffed animal on Netflix

CW plush shark ec

application race 

welp... we know what they care about

food humor - papa johns - this is a real thing 


Selfie - implied nudity - trans reflection 

Moving forward, the ability for stuff expression and increased openness to enby status (diminishing enbyphobia) have allowed me to accept more masculine features without feeling male.
TL;DR decreasing emphasis on passing and feeling like I'm just me


Reddit automatically subscribed me to desktop notifications for r/AskMen after visiting it ONE time.

Not mad honestly

*Frequently Asked*

You know I thought this dummy question from opinion rewards said Gender Mountain... Then I saw Ram Jack. I know if I select any of these I do getting surveys but...

Selfie, sensual but not lewd 

Idk if I ever posted this one. Honestly there is more of my decor than me in it but still I like how it turned out.

Corner of my home - mh 

Where I just put that spray paint. Lots of lost hobbies in here. Not going through it
Basically spray paint, and clay. Some tools
Part of a TV box I am saving so I have something to transport my TV in when I move.
An HDMI cable
A crown Royal Bag from my mom (I don't drink) with I think MTG sleeves in it maybe custom tokens from when I made them as a teen. I no longer play MTG just sold a lot of my cards.

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Corner of my home - mh - food 

A spice rack
A nutribullet
Both of these I win the same day at work at an event
Almost completely unused and over 6 months old. I eat out almost every single meal due to laziness or depression I'm not sure which. I'm in debt
Chocolate packet from when I used to make mochas. Another lost hobby.
A microwave
Corn starch, years old from a cooking attempt
Nuts from the plane. My mom is a flight attendant. A gift. Also old
Balsamic vinegar. If this shit expires it certainly has by now
Satin exterior spray paint, I'm not sure why this is in my kitchen. Another lost hobby. Probably from Beth guns I painted when I first started my job. I wanted to feel included with the co-workers. It netted me zero friendships.

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Corner of my home - family - relationships 

A picture of me at Stone henge with my mother around maybe the age of 15. I was and still am into photography although I love in an uninspiring place at least that is my excuse
An art piece made by a female family friend, much older than I, who takes a very strange interest in me and my relationships. At least before I came out.
Isopropyl rubbing alcohol for some hobby I don't remember
Out of view, aquaphor. This was my exes favorite lip balm. I do not and have never really used chap stick. It's a scam. But I bought it when I was with her.
The AM antenna to a radio I no longer own. It had a 16 pin iPod mount thing in it..

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Corner of my home - faith - mh 

Some comics also acquired through exploring hobbies.
Visible are adventure Time and Luke cage
House of leaves. I couldn't get into it. But I have throughout my life valued a desire to read very highly. I do not however have that desire so it weighs on my self esteem. Despite knowing this after writing this I may try to read this book again.
A book titled "The Jesuit Guide to Everything" which is actually very good if you are into spirituality and deterministic moralism
A yellow aux cord for a Google Audio (now discontinued) that didn't work for my receiver, also visible. I had to use a L/R splitter thing
A cable that goes somewhere
A very dirty carpet I do not take care of my home

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Corner of my home - trans - relationships 

This corner has a small diy glass Reed diffuseri made in my lifetime hobby that is cycling through hobbies. This one during my exploration of "feminine" hobbies
A candle I have had since I was with my ex that I bought on sale, I also got her some as well. This too I purchased as I was exploring femininity
A Nintendo switch case I no longer own a switch for
A box for a hookah I had to break open because I forgot the combination and started smoking again after over ~4 years
The corner of a subwoofer because I am addicted to purchasing things
Out of view is the box for an HTC vive gen 1
I no longer play video games

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Corner of my home - trans - faith - pol 

A terrarium
A Google home mini box
A Google home box
A fidget cube
A leap motion
A small terrarium
A 3D printed Bernie Sanders head that is a stamp that says "corporations are not people" an ex coworker made

Out of view, a limited edition star wars Google cardboard
A ledger nano s box
A daydream VR box
An old hard drive contents unknown
Some DVDs I do not have a DVD player for

Below this shelf are an assortment of religious books some I like some were part of a continued attempt at restoring maleness that I'm unable to cease

Above this shelf three religious statues
One a gift to my mother from the mother of a now deceased very nice gay man
Two I have had since infancy
(My mother is alive)

Does anyone else love taking bathroom selfies and sending them to the person in the stall next to you?

CW ec

Trans humor 

Not sure if I'm being called master tran or buying one but either way

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