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Lewd, vore 

Mads Mikkelsen could eat me any day.

detransition attempt 

that didn't last long. I totally lied I'm in tremendous pain and feel like I'm disappointing myself. Despite all that moving to a new account for a bit

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I was real confused this news cycle when Michael D Cohen talked to the news about being trans

Is this a normal dream - death 

Double layer dream

Was taking a photo through my window of a building thinking "Jean Lennocke" then the building exploded

I woke up somewhere else

Person asked me "when you realized you were going to die was there fear or joy in knowing you were free"
Me: fear
Person: why if you are so free?
Me: because i know now I realise that what I'm experiencing is not truly freedom

(I then dreamt a quote from a poet i know)
When you realise
You open up your real eyes
And then you realise
That real life
Is something different

When you see your favorite stuffed animal on Netflix

CW plush shark ec

contrapoints - despite my earlier toots - transphobic humor 

"would you clock me? I'd clock me... I'd fuck me too I don't give a shit... Get out of my room mom!"

being friends with people who got married in your birth year

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I just heard the words "christ curious"

The words were from an anime girl who was baptised in VR


you can blow on your nose chin and eyes but not your ear

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