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both the X and Y chromosome should be given a more detailed name, giving really humans have 4 forms of the "sex chromosomes", X without SRY (Xs), with SRY (Xn) , and Y is the same (Ys |Yn) meaning:
Diyadic phenotype female can be Xn Xn || Xn Yn.… {always got to have a X to survive}
And diyadic phenotype male Xs Xs|| Xs Xn || Xn Xn Ys… so on

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@codeawayhaley did you switch the descriptions on Xs and Xn?
If SRY-gene lets someone develop male organs, then the way you wrote the combinations indicate that Xs and Ys are the ones with SRY.

@zatnosk yeah, SRY positive is Xs, and Ys, and the n = Negative so yeah I did sorry.