I think the idea of unlimited wants, limited resources often spouted by economist doesn't actual exist as a law of human nature, I think unlimited want is a symptom of certain needs not being met, which is common within capitalism.

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@codeawayhaley this idea alone turns people off from communism. "But I want a tv and a ps4! Communism will take that away!" like bitch no good communism doesn't take mediums of art away from folk and also are those things things youbreally want or are they things you think you want?

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The lack of understanding of what communism really means is appalling...

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Exactly, like I "thought" I wanted an XBox 360. Really what I wanted was to play Halo 2 with my friends and be cool. What was actually going on was that I felt left out by toxic masculinity and had no social skills to find anyone healthier to be friends with.

BTW, I think any anarchist communism against gaming is shitty politics. But I do think like you say, it's important to identify root needs and wants.

@ambyrb @AdrienneCohea well entertainment is a human need, without it one can't live a happy life, but yeah not everyone truly wants to have a game. But any post capitalist society that works would make it that you don't need a billion different consoles to play the games one likes which is the real resource hungry thing in gaming, the distribution of games isn't very heavy on the resources compared to consoles.

@codeawayhaley endless needs are also artificially injected into people's minds by advertising. It is safe to say the main product of the advertising industry is unhappy people.

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