There are several opinions weather it's great what Julien Assange is doing or shit.

But he just asked for a decentralized twitter 'alternative'.
I've told him about the fediverse, #ssb and such.

Would you like to see Julien Assange joining the fediverse?

boost: yes
fav: no

Many boosts could motivate him to join, as I will forward it to him.
Many favs, to better stay away.

@paulfree14 wait isn't Julian Assange a bit of a transphobic asshole?


@Concerned_Commy @paulfree14 Transphobic, misogynistic, and very likely also homophobic.

@Concerned_Commy @codeawayhaley
I've heard that a couple of times, have never saw it. could you link me something or describe what he's doing shoing his ...phobic

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