Usually one wouldn't want a Tropical Cyclone making landfall but the currently Developing 🌀 Tropical Depression/Low 02U in the Timor Sea might actually be what Australia needs, while yes it would cause damage even at Severe Tropical Storm strength (Category 2 Tropical Cyclone ATCS, 50+kts wind) which is the current forecast landfall intensity, but some of those same models have the remnants move down over South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales which may wet things up enough to make the fires more managable, 🌀 Tropical Depression/low 03U is also expected to develop into a Tropical Cyclone too, it may even be more intense at landfall but it too may contribute to rainfall across Australia.

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though that being said while people tend to want Tropical Cyclones not make landfall in the Australian Region many forget they play a vital role in rainfall in the region, few rain making events can boost rainfall across Australia like a Tropical Cyclone and much of the wildlife especially in the desert benefit from landfalling Tropical Cyclones, maybe if we had a few more landfall Tropical Cyclones in the Southern Portion of Queensland the issue of drought and the fires across New South Wales might have been avoided, or mitigated.

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