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If it wasn't for the pinhole Eye I'd say 🌀 Super Typhoon Hagibis wouldn't be a Category 5 Major Hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (Violent Typhoon on the Japanese Meteorology Agency's Tropical Cyclone Scale), honestly it doesn't look very healthy going by cloud top temperatures (Attachment of a screenshot from CIMSS [Cooperative Institute of Meteorological Satellite Studies] Tropical Cyclone Site on the Hagibis page showing Infrared Imagery with Dvorak Enhancement.).

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How to use Irony Marks (Haley Edition):
<Rhetorical Question>⸮.
(⸮) <Irony>

There is a 🌀 Tropical Depression in the Gulf of Carpentaria which is starting to look a bit nasty, we may soon see another named Tropical Cyclone in the Australian region.

This Tropical Depression is generating large quantities of rainfall over Queesland mainly leading to flooding.

Attachment 1 ― Synoptic Chart for the Australia Region overlaying Infrared Satellite Imagery from MTSAT.

Seriously I can't believe I have to say this... never use IP as a permanent ban, IP isn't meant for that, if you IP ban someone you need it to expire because IPs are dynamically given to a particular machine for a certain amount of time, unless you are dealing with a static IP address (used for servers usually) all you are doing is banning that person temporarily (which usually they'll move on) but by having no expirery the next person who gets that IP will be banned even if they never previous went to your site.

A Tropical Depression which is situated over land near the Gulf Coast on the Northern Territory and Queensland Border has injected more moisture into the monsoon system that has been partly active for the past week.

The manga Artist who did "MajiTora" or "Magical Trans!" an egg? this news really comes with no shock, like all the manga they've done involves transformation where the main character end up enjoying being in their feminine form, which is probably why 90% of the readers are trans and the scanlation team is mostly trans..

Someone gave the Artist the button question, they replied they'd press it.

⸮ Fucking love lacking emotional permanence ⸮

Someone will tell me that they're my friend, or love me, but the moment I don't see record of that I immediately start thinking they hate me.

My discord server for discussions on Science, Socialism, Otherkin, Plurality, Queer, and Occultism/Witchcraft topics, still being set up so things will likely be changed. The Devil Girl's Playground

Sunrise has yet to occur and there is a bloody huge supercell to my west, the humidity the past few days has been so high that it is even uncomfortable for me someone who is usually quite resistant.

It is currently unnamed as it has yet to reach Moderate Tropical Storm intensity on the Meteo France Tropical Cyclone Scale (MFS) which is naming intensity for Tropical Cyclones in the SW Indian Ocean Basin, though it has reached Tropical Storm on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (which uses 35-60kts 1 min average, where as MFS for Moderate Tropical Storm uses 35-50kts 10min average for winds)

Tropical Cyclone to swipe Mauritius tonight - 6pm MUT Jan 24, 2020 ― Force Thirteen ―

Let's talk about Joe Rogan endorsing Bernie Sanders.... ― Beau of the Fifth Column ―

My favourite idea is life emerged as it is the more efficient way for the universe to increase in entropy.

Why Life Exists ― Issac Authur ―

I suspect the 2019-nCoV the 2019-Noval Coronavirus will get given the name CP-CoV similarily to hown MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-related Coronavirus) was also refered to as nCoV, and giving the primary syndrome of the 2019 Coronavirus is Pneumonia, it came from China, and the syndrome is already being called Chinese Pneumonia a fair bit I think the name willtick and it'll be named CP-CoV for Chinese Pneumonia-related Coronavirus.

Though it might get the name CARS-CoV too for Chinese Acute Respiratory Syndrome-related Coronavirus to keep with the pattern of the other more severe coronaviruses that also came from zoonosis like the MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-related Coronavirus, usually just called SARS virus).

'Pandemic' seems to be a very scary word to most mainly due to its association with things like the Spanish Flu Pandemic or the Black Death, but Pandemics are fairly common and only require an outbreak of a disease to affect multiple continents.

In fact we are currently experiencing multiple pandemics, such as the HIV pandemic which never ended, The Zika Virus Pandemic, and the current Chinese Pneumonia/2019-Noval Coronavirus.

Just because something has become a pandemic doesn't make it immediately apocalyptically bad, though still very bad it in most cases won't be super visible to most people.

Let's talk about China, pandemics, and conveying calm.... ― Beau of the Fifth Column ―

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