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If it wasn't for the pinhole Eye I'd say 🌀 Super Typhoon Hagibis wouldn't be a Category 5 Major Hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (Violent Typhoon on the Japanese Meteorology Agency's Tropical Cyclone Scale), honestly it doesn't look very healthy going by cloud top temperatures (Attachment of a screenshot from CIMSS [Cooperative Institute of Meteorological Satellite Studies] Tropical Cyclone Site on the Hagibis page showing Infrared Imagery with Dvorak Enhancement.).

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How to use Irony Marks (Haley Edition):
<Rhetorical Question>⸮.
(⸮) <Irony>

Yep, that is exactly what the fires burning across Queensland and New South Wales needs, fucking cyclogenesis over the NSW and Qld boarder, bit late for a Extratropical Cyclone to form that far north, it is unlikely to have to just much rain associated with it so not good for fires, but will have very gusty winds which not so good for fires (except from the fire perspective).
A combo of Mineral Oil, Synthetic Squalene (actually produced by eukaryotes as a precursor to steroids like cholesterol, but also found in skin oils), and spearmint oil has really soothed my contact dermatitis, it isn't as itchy now.
Fuck mango trees honestly, turns out the contact dermatitis was from the mango tree sap which I manage to get on me the other day when picking lemons off the lemon tree... I don't fucking like mango and now I have a bigger reason to hate it, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Cashew, and Mango all produce the same fucking toxin and can fuck off (except Cashews, I like cashews)

FOSSBros and Techbros are awful and need to shut up and listen to their users rather than making decisions for themselves because then their users suffer.

There's no good reason to remain 'pure' to open source values etc if your users suffer.

If you can't do something, that's fine it's not bad to admit you can't do it, but if others are willing to do the work for you, willingly accept it, don't just tell them no because you don't want it like some baby throwing their toys out the crib.

Feel like shit so I will curse everyone and anyone that gives me a reason to curse them, I'll keep cursing until all my awful energy is used up because some people are the highest level of shitlords and dickheads.

and yes I am a witch that doesn't fucking subscribe to the three fold law, I think it is wishful thinking, and puts people off fucking cursing people deserving of a fucking curse.
Seen some fucking macroed image saying "when you wish good things for people good things come back at you, that is the law of nature". Ok lets fucking correct that to "When you wish good things for people they fuck you over, and the universe grins and says fuck you as well and the world fucking sucks and there is no such fucking thing as good returning to sender even in a round about way."

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I have enough distress and dysphoria rn to curse every person on the planet 70k times over and almost fucking tempted to do it including my fucking self in the malediction targets.

I can't fucking stand one more fucking time my family using my dead name I'm so fucking close to fucking bursting. They're also being fucking obnobxiously loud.

Me, whispering in an antivaxxer's ear, their thoughtless subsentient eyes widening in revelation: "Wakefield was experimenting on those kids for Big Pharma, they were afraid if Measles went extinct they couldn't sell expensive vaccines anymore"

#Australia Confronts ‘Catastrophic’ #Fire Conditions

An emergency was declared for all of New South Wales as risk warnings reached their highest possible level.
But scientists note that moisture levels of live trees and shrubs around #Sydney are also at record lows — even lower than the levels during the Black Christmas fires of 2001, which destroyed more than 500 buildings on the edge of Sydney and burned for three weeks.

don't forget the $650 billion in subsidies to convince oil companies to drill for oil.

and how much that alone costs to have folks travel all over the world to further kill the planet and ignore the damages they're doing to local environments

that would pay over for so many folks' healthcare alone...

capitalism kills


If I didn't build a home in hell I'd very well think it was family talk very fucking loudly, and feel so fucking dysphoria.

Queer persons suffer and also some queer persons have privilege. Both privilege and suffering can co-exist. Calling out the privilege of a queer person is not to negate their experience. Especially when it is to point of their oppressive behaviour.

Being queer is not the only identity. A vile behaviour needs to be called out. Excusing the behaviour because of the queer identity is not a way to be an ally. It is patronising because you refuse to see the person anything other than being queer.

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