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Hello members of;

I am Haley, I've been around here for a while now, and you may have seen my toots.

I have been made moderator on this instance, I am also a moderator on the forum associated with this instance ( ).

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How to use Irony Marks (Haley Edition):
<Rhetorical Question>⸮.
(⸮) <Irony>

re: astrology, mercury retrograde 

Get a fast WordPress blog in one step:

Remove the Google Analytics and your ads

Google is the reason your blog is slow doesn't actually give you true randomness like they say.

They even contradict themselves, it is true the randomness is sourced from as far as humans know a true source of randomness, however what you get from there is still pseudorandom because they pass the true random source through a Peudorandom Number Generator.

@UnclearFuture I typically use '⸮' which is an irony mark meant for denoting irony, sarcasm, and jokes within text.

It is annoying that people say that ebolavirus has 5 strains, nope, no it doesn't it has many more, what you mean to say is species, the ebola genus has 5 species (though out of date now, Bombali ebolavirus was recently discovered brining the species count to 6).

A strain is a linage from a genetically similar form, a species can have many strains (a perfect example would be Alphaorthomyxiviruses or more commonly known as Influenza A, such as the H1N1 having two well known strains, Influenza A/Pandemic H1N1/2009 and A/Pandemic H1N1/1918).

The type species Ebola ebolavirus (formerly Zaire ebolavirus) has a few strains, the original Mayinga-76 which was a different strain than the 1995 Kikwit EBOV outbreak, and the 2013-2016 West Africa EBOV epidemic, and tde Currently ongoing Kivu outbreak, all 4 being caused by the species Ebola ebolavirus but different strains.

A species consists of at least one strain which means there is a minimum of 6 strains of ebolaviruses but because the type species has several strains there are more than 6 strains.

This is also why the Reston Virus (Reston ebolavirus named after Reston Virginia, US for where it was discovered) is still considered a level 4 virus with the other ebolaviruses, even though all known strains of the species appear to be non-pathogenic to humans, there is still a posibility an unknown strain of this species can cause Ebola Virus Disease in humans (plus the genetic difference from the Zaire species is fairly small, and well the type species is the most lethal so it appears harmless while its closest relative appears most lethal)

#Virology #EbolaVirus #Ebolaviruses #Filoviridae #SevereViralDiseases #ViralHaemorrhagicFevers

Autocorrect is quite useless if it manages to Autocorrect 'in' to 'and'.

If scifi with sentient artificial life has taught me anything it is that humans are the worst and I don't blame AI for deciding to exterminate humanity.

Humans can barely be decent towards those in their own species let alone an Artificial Life Form that they somehow have the belief they have a right over just because they created it (which unfortutately many parents also have that belief about their children).

ugh website that adds a few random articles to your browser history when you open it, so you can't press "back" and go back to where you came from

still the history api wasn't a terribly good idea

why Loli instances get the block 

Honestly human brains are the worst to run on. And by run on I mean run angel software on human wetware, like who's fucking idea was this, it doesn't work half the time goddamn it.

Climate crisis snark 

scientific literacy, pedancy 

Really wish AnimeLab would actually Label yuri anime as yuri.

The yuri section has only 5 titles however there are more anime I've seen there that haven't been labeled yuri when it really should.

My favourite anime - not an exhaustive list:

Tonari no Kyūketsuki-san
Gabriel DropOut
Madoka Magica
Yuru Yuri
Bloom into You
Sakura Trick
Code Geass
Tokyo Ghoul
Seiyu's Life
Mikagura School Suite (kinda magical girl meet Yuri).
The Devil is a Part Timer.
Vampire Knight (+ Vampire Knight Guilty)

The Pseudorandom Number Generator I made stringing together bash tools works wells, just not very fast.

When a bash session starts the rc file runs 's=$(head -c 512 /dev/urandom | base64)' which initialises the seed, then to call the PRNG you use 'ranfrseed' the output is in file & url safe base64 in the variable $o and the new seed is set to the new state.

The PRNG uses SHA2/512, I use 'shasum -a 512' as the primary part of the PRNG the rest is just shuffle variables around.

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