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If it wasn't for the pinhole Eye I'd say 🌀 Super Typhoon Hagibis wouldn't be a Category 5 Major Hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (Violent Typhoon on the Japanese Meteorology Agency's Tropical Cyclone Scale), honestly it doesn't look very healthy going by cloud top temperatures (Attachment of a screenshot from CIMSS [Cooperative Institute of Meteorological Satellite Studies] Tropical Cyclone Site on the Hagibis page showing Infrared Imagery with Dvorak Enhancement.).

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How to use Irony Marks (Haley Edition):
<Rhetorical Question>⸮.
(⸮) <Irony>

swearing, an accident I had with live AC 

Why Facial Recognition Technology Is So Dangerous ― Second Thought ―

Efficacy of FLU-v, a broad-spectrum influenza vaccine, in a randomized phase IIb human influenza challenge study ―

Technology and a stark beauty.

(Tempted to make a poster of this someday)

transssssphobia a lil 

Trans Lifeline on police 

oof i have posted nothing that's not at least slightly serious in days
it hurts
have some dildos
yes they're actually dildos this is a content warning

food related appliances 

Has someone taken Kyubey aside and explained the difference between magical girls and Liches yet?

instance block recommendation 

idk capitalist scum i guess 

Archaeologists: "Seems like far ancient humans actually took care of each other."
Me: "Fuck you, Thomas Hobbes."

I probably think way too much about the Deep Future nearing the heat death, and what comes after, while I don't neccessarily think this cyclic universe thing happen, I do think new universes do form at extreme scales due to spontaneous decreases in entropy in small regions (relative to the vast void/chaos [yep original meaning of chaos]) though I also subscribe to eternal inflation which universes form when bubbles of inflation drop down into a lower energy state into a stable or metastable configuration, and I also believe most universes are simulations and probably ours.

I heard Neil DeGrasse Tyson's whole arguement recently against it saying there is 50/50 chance we are in the real universe, but what that doesn't take in to consideration is the laws which govern computation may be different in the root and universes earlierlier in the simulation tree which allows extensive branching.

So my particular belief of cosmogeny is quite complex, and probably fairly wrong in some places, but I would love to see how wrong or right it is.

What Happens After the Universe Ends? ― PBS Space Time ―

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