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Hello members of;

I am Haley, I've been around here for a while now, and you may have seen my toots.

I have been made moderator on this instance, I am also a moderator on the forum associated with this instance ( ).

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Time fo a Global Tropical Cyclone Activity Update.

The Tropical Invest 🌀 Tropical Invest 13TA which labelled the otherday failed to develop further it took the more equatorward direction thus the coriolis force wasn't enough to allow it to develop any further, even with other factors perfect.

🌀 Tropical Depression 01W [90W] looked for a while that it might reach Tropical Storm strength but development has petered out, though it is still active so a Typhoon in the North West Pacific in the coming week can't really be entirely ruled out.

🌀 Tropical Depression/Low 08TSI [90S, 11U] is still active in the Timor Sea and has yet to reach Tropical Cyclone intensity (Tropical Storm) however the Australian Bureau of Meteorology hasn't got it on the map on the Tropical Cyclone warning page the still mention it on the 3 day Tropical Cyclone outlook for the Western Region.

A new system has also developed in the South West Indian Ocean (outside the Australian Area of Responsibility but in Meteo France La Reunion's AoR) the US Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center & Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecast has given it the ID of 91S, I have given it the ID 09TSI. I will refer to this system onwards as 🌀 Tropical Depression 09TSI [91S]. It is currently just east of Managascar.

Citrobacter are a genus of bacteria that include many members of the human microbiota that have a cool ability to accumulate uranium by complexing it with phosphate/phosphoric acid [PO4/PO(OH3)].

Binged 'Devilman Crybaby' today, loved the show it was really well done, I haven't read the manga so Idk as far as that is concened but the reference to Christian symbolism was done well though most audience would have missed that.

(I have a Certificate 3 in Christian Theology which may sound useless for a pagan but it does help with understanding many shows that have deep christian symbolism)

Android's reluctance to give apps permission to write to the SD card is a pain in the Ass, I want to keep internal flash pretty much free of P/E cycles but when you can't get some apps to work with SD card you can't really prevent that.

I rather wear out flash that is easier to replace than the flash that isn't.

Anocracy is the term for a form of government in middle between Autocracy and Democracy, most western governments could be considered anocracies as they're not truely democratic but not super autocratic either they stand inbetween.

I wish Wikibooks got a bit more attention, compared to wikipedia there is very little activity.

Magnesium is often overlooked when it comes to brain fog.

Magnesium ions are often part of many enzymes involved in metabolism from hexose kinase (what allows monosacharides to be metabolised), to DNA Polymerase, to even certain enzymes in the mitochondria.

Along with its uses in enzymes it is also a GABAa receptor Positive Allosteric Modulator (so low levels can reduce ones ability to focus, get sleep, and calm down), and it is a Calcium channel inhibitor which when deficient may allow too much calcium into cells which can activate various message pathways which shouldn't be actiwe at that point in time.

Related to Calcium Channel inhibition, it is the plug in the ion channel portion of the NMDA glutamate receptor which only disloges when the cell is sufficiently depolarised, this allows the receptor to be involved in long term potentiation (as the neuron has to be used to strengthen the synapse).

Basically make sure you get enough magnesium, this goes for several other minerals to as the brain is hungry.

@UnclearFuture I like Emoji better, it is self contained less likely to be missing if it is cut off for some reason, there are some bits of information that may be lost if the message is truncated but you won't get it cut in half when a program tries to wrap the text hyphenating in the middle because the adjective characters (such as what defines what flag the flag emoji will be) are treated as invisible characters.

bit late on this video but always looking for good yuri anime to watch that I may have missed due to the majority of the anisphere on the internet being cishet white dudes who all are afflicted by shit taste, and cishetnormaltivity.

The 5 Summer 2018 Yuri Anime You NEED to Check Out that aren't NTR ― Zeria

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There is a God Game/Simulation game called 'Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution' which is just watching creatures mutate and evolve, or go extinct which looks like fun, there are a few tools which allow you to meddle with the evolution but you can sit back and watch.

Steviol Glycoside aftertaste is very glycyrrhizic acid like after taste, which makes sense as both are Glycosides from plants that are naturally sweeter than sugar (glycyrrhizic acid being from licorice root).

But both are nice for tea and coffee.

SciShow News saying we'll have to stick to good old Sodium Chloride and Acetic acid for salt and vinegar.. Well firstly you can have it I like those things separate not together, and secondarly the majority of Salt and Vinegar flavoring is actually Sodium Acetate not actual salt and vinegar (at least in Australia, I don't know about other places)

There is a Low Pressure system near the Solomon Islands, I'm going to label it 🌀 Tropical Invest 13TA, I'm labeling that since some of the models are in disagreement but some have it becoming a Tropical Depression/Low while others have it move equatorward and disipate.

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