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Before sending a Follow request to me, or pretty much anyone (unless that person actually knows who you are)

― Make sure you have some visible toots
― Make sure you have something in you bio
― Have a profile picture
― (I make an exception if the account is local otherwise these apply)

This helps people make the decision on whether they want you to follow them, it also gives some more evidence that you're not a bot.

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If it wasn't for the pinhole Eye I'd say 🌀 Super Typhoon Hagibis wouldn't be a Category 5 Major Hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (Violent Typhoon on the Japanese Meteorology Agency's Tropical Cyclone Scale), honestly it doesn't look very healthy going by cloud top temperatures (Attachment of a screenshot from CIMSS [Cooperative Institute of Meteorological Satellite Studies] Tropical Cyclone Site on the Hagibis page showing Infrared Imagery with Dvorak Enhancement.).

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How to use Irony Marks (Haley Edition):
<Rhetorical Question>⸮.
(⸮) <Irony>


So much has happened in the past few weeks, a friend is moving out to go back to uni, and our grandmother passed away last saturday, however I have been unable to feel any emotion for at least 2 weeks now, and that is concerning because I know it is dissociation and I know that when that barrier thins again it is going to hit all at once. - Haley

I would like to increase our combat rank a bit, I do enjoy combat, but I keep getting distracted by the whole 1:1 model of the milky way and head out looking for cool things, <0.02% of the galaxy has been discovered by players since its launch in 2014, and our player name is listed beside several systems for first discovery (177 I believe is the number) - Haley

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We're almost at Elite I rank in Exploration in Elite Dangerous, and we are slowly pushing the statistics numbers higher. - Haley

I am ranked 2nd in the squadron on Elite Dangerous if you go by the inara ranking score, also I want to get my combat up, I keep getting distracted with trade (space trukkin') and exploration, the big downside I have when it comes to combat is the profit vs risk ratio, if you get your ship destroyed then you need to pay the rebuy, and my main combat ships have rebuy around 10m Credits, and an hour of bounty hunting may get you ~1m so it'd take ~10 hours to get rebuy cost. - Haley

Inara page link:

I had a tad bit rough of a landing in Elite Dangerous with my Anaconda named Orielle Celestial, Hull Integrity went from 100% to 57%, hit the surface at 200m/s. - Haley

When Relative Humidity drops 10% in 3 minutes I recommend moisturiser, immediately it felt like my skin was becoming a desert. I live a lot further from coastal Tropics now so moisturiser will be required a lot during the warmer part of the year, wish I still lived in the Tropics but here I am much closer to a lot of my friends so it is a battle between being able to hang out with friends or impressive storm seasons, though some storms here are just as impressive in other ways. - Haley

Reached Double Elite Rank in Exploration, and Trade in Elite Dangerous, already a way to Elite I rank in exploration, now I need combat ranking, and the other ranks added in the Odyssey expansion (Exobiology and Mercinary).

My goal at the moment though is to grind for credits until I get 10b Credits, so I can afford to outfit one of my Anacondas, buy another Anaconda and outfit it, and my big goal is to purchase a fleet carrier as it would allow me to set tarrifs on services and make money from NPCs and Players (as well as trade in larger quantities), also since they have 500LY Jumps due to Capital Class Frameshift Drives it can act as a base of operations on future exploration trips.

- Haley

If anyone here plays elite dangerous and would like to add me as a friend this is our Inara profile, and we have the same commander name ingame.

CMDR Minerva Liltu [INARA]

- Haley

Elite Dangerous has taken over as both my current favourite game, and current Favourite MMO, it is also my favourite flight simulator which is why I'm hoping to get a Hotas Flight Stick soon.

It just makes me a little sad that I can't rope all my friends into it since it has such a steep learning curve, and loads of spreadsheets to get over and that can overwhelm people.

ED is the 4th game in the Elite series which the original was launched on the Atari and other early computers and was ahead of its time, ED was the first to go with the MMO model, and what is awesome is the planet rendering, and Stellar Forge (a part of the background sim) was written by a Trans women who used to be a partical physicist for fermi lab (who I am still shocked follows me on twitch) though she has left Frontiers to do other stuff.- Haley

mh -, socnet, dissociation 

Honestly I have been strugling to keep connected with any sort of Social network, I feel like I just stop existing for months at a time and then feel unable to interact with social networks I want to interact with. - Haley

TERFs, alt-right tactics 

This is not a novel thought at all, but I think TERFs need to be thought about as analogous to the alt-right (esp. re: recruitment). GC shit uses exactly the same recruitment tactics, with a completely homologous internal language, except it targets disaffected middle-aged women instead of disaffected 20 year old man-boys. All these riled-up well-to-do retirees outside Holyrood, enjoying feeling like they're radical and dangerous, part of a cool gang, against the world.

The #NewYork area was hit by flash #floods and tornadoes from storm #Ida on Wednesday
In 48 hours to 9 am Thurs, 2.5 to 3.5" (63 to 90 mm) fell in some places PER HOUR
Newark NJ received 3.24" (82.2mm) 8-9 pm
Central Park saw 3.15" (80mm) from 9-10 pm
Both were 1-hour records


I see the whole jorts meme is still going strong in the fediverse. - Haley

We've been away from mastodon so long one of our alts access token has expired and I can't get subway tooter to update it :/ - Haley

Anti-vaxxers and covid denialists get blocked. No exceptions.

You want to interact with AND spread that rubbish? Get an alt and hope I don't see it. Our system documentation, I realised today it is more documentation than I've seen in most open source projects, 80 pages. - Haley

As a plural system that lives in a house with 2 other systems, We'd highly recommend systems living together, it is far less stress than living with singlets. - Hydra

our life, mental health, disability 

Moving to a different state has highlighted how bad our mental health and disability really is, we're going to see if we can get on the DSP (disability support pension), and our psych recommended to our GP to get us on the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) which will be great help

I done f-ed up with streaming 

If anyone wants to know how not to stream do exactly the opposite of this dumpster fire of a twitch stream

covid vax, hrt, psychs, where we've been 

Long time no post, we are still alive just had a month of close to zero spoons and a 6 months of slowly finding more system members, we have an appointment with a psych on the 13, 2nd vax dose on the 11th, and 16th we will see the doctor to continue hrt with since we moved. - Haley

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