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Hello members of;

I am Haley, I've been around here for a while now, and you may have seen my toots.

I have been made moderator on this instance, I am also a moderator on the forum associated with this instance ( ).

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How to use Irony Marks (Haley Edition):
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If you wish to help me to pay for fuel, bills, and other stuff uni students so often have to pay for, or you really enjoy my medicine, tech, meteorology/geology posts feel free to support me on patreon:
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The chemicals in green tea react with those inhibitor proteins with greater affinity than endogenous free radicals triggering transcription of those genes in the antioxidant defense system without causing colateral damage to the cell.

Some of these compounds have ongoing research as a preventative or mild chemotherapeutic agent for tumours as many of the problematic tumours (some benign, mostly malignant though) have disrupted metabolism asd often deviate in metabolic activity from normal cells, one of the areas which is usually disrupted is the cells ability use antioxidant defense so these chemicals may trigger oxidative damage to tumour cells while triggering healthy cells to produce more antioxidant defenses.

Btw when I say antioxidant defense I'm talking stuff like Superoxide dismutase, Glutathione synthetase, Glutathione peroxidase, and transferrin to name a few.

Did you know the reason green tea is "high in antioxidants" is because it doesn't have antioxidants.

Green Tea helps reduce oxidative stress not by supplying antioxidants, but instead by supplying phytochemicals that act as oxidants.

There are several proteins which transcribe genes associated with antioxidant defense, the body has evolved to express inhibitors that are prone to oxidative damage from food chemicals, you don't want to be spending energy on reducing free radicals all the time so this inhibitor remains (because you don't have high free radicals all the time), but the chemicals in green tea oxidise these inhibitors cause disulfide bridges to form disabling the inhibitor causing genes to start being transcribed, these inhibitors are very sensitive and stop working before oxidation reaches levels where it really starts cause damage to other componants of the cell.

A fusion of Boinc and a cryptocurrency.

Boinc is a network (a virtual grid supercomputer) which volenteers can donate computer resources to scientific research, gridcoin builds a cryptocurrency on top with a proof of research function, where the mining is actually supplying computing power to science.

Gridcoin - Wikipedia

3.6 Million Hectares of Rainforests Lost in 2018

The huge area of pristine tropical rainforest were destroyed in 2018, according to satellite analysis, with beef, chocolate and palm oil among the main causes, the media reported on Thursday.
The forests store huge amounts of carbon and are teeming with wildlife, making their protection critical to stopping runaway #ClimateChange and halting a sixth #MassExtinction.


Facial recognition, surveillance state Show more

Facial recognition, surveillance state Show more

Just because different groups experience *different* oppression doesn't mean one group gets to tell the other that they are not oppressed.

Plus a lot of the time, the people saying a group is not oppressed are part of the people oppressing them.

Intersex people, whether they identify as trans or not, regardless of their presentation and pronouns, are valid. And I never, ever see it said. So fellow intersex people, never, ever let the ignorant rob you of your identities, even if they pretend to be well-meaning. -Katie


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i love it when i see the linux kernel source code used as stock text in code terminals to look like computery stuff is going on

All Tropical Cyclone Basins are pretty quiet again, there is a weak Tropical Depression in the North East Pac (91E) but it hasn't really developed and looks like it may cross into the Atlantic.

Also the InterTropical Convergence Zone in the Atlantic is starting to flare up so we might see some Tropical Cyclogenesis flare up as the Hurricane Season aproaches.

95P in the South Pacific has disapated completely, there is another Low in the Coral Sea with plenty of convection but I think it would be unlikely to see it develop into another named Storm in the Australian region until at the very least October. (2 was weird enough giving the Season had ended).

#TropicalCyclones #Hurricanes #Typhoons #TropicalStorms

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