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Since I can't use html formatting on this instance I am sharing an image instead of our system overview, and proxies they may use to indicate who is authoring the toot.

They may set up accounts on the fediverse at a later time if they wish but for now they can use my account, we may also set up a system account but this is the current way we will be doing it.

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Before sending a Follow request to me, or pretty much anyone (unless that person actually knows who you are)

― Make sure you have some visible toots
― Make sure you have something in you bio
― Have a profile picture
― (I make an exception if the account is local otherwise these apply)

This helps people make the decision on whether they want you to follow them, it also gives some more evidence that you're not a bot.

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If it wasn't for the pinhole Eye I'd say 🌀 Super Typhoon Hagibis wouldn't be a Category 5 Major Hurricane on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (Violent Typhoon on the Japanese Meteorology Agency's Tropical Cyclone Scale), honestly it doesn't look very healthy going by cloud top temperatures (Attachment of a screenshot from CIMSS [Cooperative Institute of Meteorological Satellite Studies] Tropical Cyclone Site on the Hagibis page showing Infrared Imagery with Dvorak Enhancement.).

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How to use Irony Marks (Haley Edition):
<Rhetorical Question>⸮.
(⸮) <Irony>

I'm thinking of coming up with an explicitly plural neopronouns that extend from she/her because a lot of us are girls and don't really feel comfortable with they/them but we want people to be able to refer to us as a group, what are peoples thoughts on this? - Haley

Oh we've been on a real switch fest tonight, Claire has been switching in and out a lot and we're not that grounded. Claire has De-Claire'd herself Anarcho-bunny too which is both funny and cute. - Haley

deadname, dysphoria, trauma, plurality shit 

I had a traumatic experience last night, a friend in VC asked who was fronting while I was dissociating and someone answered with our deadname I feel so dysphoric, but also I know I wasn't always the host so there is a possibility our previous host fronted briefly - Haley

Hello everyone I am the newbie in the system Haley was talking about in the previous post.

I am Claire I use the proxy text - claire or text - Claire to show I am talking.

- Claire

Also fingers crossed that Claire settles on a non-human identity because we have too many humans in the system, they out number us non-humans and we need more non-humans to balance it out, but she may be a bunny giving her picrew has bunny ears. -Haley

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Ok so I have to mention this, we now have a new system member named Claire, she is the result of me splitting, all the stress I wasn't conscious of but were taking the brunt of during 2020 caught up with me and on top of "fault lines" I had already noticed before 2020 ended up lead to me splitting and Claire coming into existence so we're now a 14 member system - Haley

I think we just had a split occur, someone new fronted and I'm now feeling super anxious. - Haley

A friend recorded 3 hours of us switching and dissociating, so I was able to see Chloe one of our system's littles for the first time that wasn't within headspace, she is adorable. - Haley

Track Map for Tropical Low in the Gulf of Carpentaria. It is expected to make Category 1 Tropical Cyclone (ATCF) intensity before landfall equivalent to Tropical Storm on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

- Haley

Found the plan document for a Turing complete Markup and Scripting language that we were planing to write just as a non-serious fun project.

- Haley

As of late I've been very confused, but this conflict has been on for some time; I have a strong suspicion that I'm part of a subsystem or maybe even in the process of splitting but in slow motion. idek.

I don't even have a clue on how I can go about finding out what exactly is going on here. - Haley

Using Firefox's Container tabs so headmates can have accounts on same sites without autologging in to others.

Though there is a Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, and Google container which those sites are auto-contained by container plugin extensions and we will just share those though I'm the only one that really uses Facebook, and we might as well use the same Amazon if we use Amazon (though fuck Bezos).

- Haley

#introduction Hello people, I am Elly and a headmate of Haley's (@codeawayhaley).

I can't really say much about myself since I don't really get a lot of front time to discover stuff but we're trying to give us all more front time and I wish to discover more about more about my interests and wants.

I strongly suspect I am part of a Median Subsystem, there appears to be further dissociation as result of inconsistencies in "Haley's" personality, and the fact a lot of my memories feel partly mine but not really.

But idek.

- Haley

For plurals out there questioning their gender: There is two neurogenders for systems - Systemgender which is for those in systems who struggle to work out their gender due to passive influence, or a mix of their headmates genders; and Systemfluid/Systemgenderfluid which is gender is hard to narrow down because it is constantly changing due to passive influence.

Image of road advisory sign for the probably the most confusing spaghetti of road in the world with caption "Trying to work out your sexuality when you're plural".

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