@hambibleibt Right, which is why I wondered if the "partial boot" troubleshooting might help.

The "vmlinuz" file it can't find is the kernel it's trying to boot into. Why it's missing we don't know. Maybe the USB stick was plugged into a Windows/macOS machine that tried to reformat it?

If you're regularly using different machines with the stick, it's also possible it isn't working for some other reason.

It may be easier to re-create it than troubleshoot why it isn't working. If you have another working Tails stick to troubleshoot with anyway, either route is certainly an option.

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@hambibleibt I'm not familiar with Tails, but that sounds very much like a boot loader issue. The boot menu is likely having trouble finding the Tails kernel, and thus cannot start.

Have you tried any of the boot troubleshooting steps on the troubleshooting page? It looks like it requires having the original (install) stick:


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@KelethDragon @Trysdyn I actually tried exactly this with an RPi 3 a week ago. (Running current Raspbian "buster", which I'm thinking might have been my mistake.)

Xorg kept hard locking if I left Firefox open for any length of time. It happened fastest with fedi open, of course.

Since Pis are a mite slow it usually took ten minutes or so for my X kill signal to register, making it a less than optimal solution, unfortunately.

Using fedi was the reason I was testing it, and other browsers failed to render at all, so I threw in the towel.

@interneteh You're wearing it, you know it's a good shirt. :)

@interneteh Dang, I forgot it was it August.

Wish I could go some year.

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@interneteh It doesn't sound like you were researching it to feed them. but definitely don't if you don't want them around.

They remember and come back.

We have a pair of males that live nearby. I fed one of them when he had a bad leg injury and couldn't walk for a few days. He's totally fine now, happily. He picked up his friend at some point and taught him how to look cute at me until I feel like a monster for withholding when food isn't scarce.

@Eweish The few times I've gotten it dyed/weaved it just felt bad to me.

As though it wasn't quite my hair.

It was continually dissimilar enough from how it *should* feel to be unnerving and cause me to dissociate.

@calamansi I use it because not only of things others here have already mentioned, but also because it does a lot better at respecting my privacy and usage habits than the proprietary offerings have ever tried to do.

Graphical user interfaces are very personal. The proprietary OSes push their own usage models, which are fairly entrenched. Because of this, they are very rigid and force specific types of workflows. (One can work outside of them to an extent, but there's always a lingering possibility the work-arounds are patched out, obfuscated further, or simply removed.)

Linux is more customisable and thus easier to tailor to a user's specific needs. Don't like the GUI? Install a different one. Still not happy? Use elements from both, or something else entirely!

Not a command line user? No problem, there are file managers and UI front-ends for many common system tools, you just need to figure out which suit you.

Hi hi,

My name is Clover, and I'm a 41 year old autistic trans person living in a semi-rural area of the western US.

I don't tend to be particularly outgoing, which is probably why it's taken me over a year (and five accounts) to get around to an post.

Some of my interests include:

* Daily journaling ( )
* GNU/Linux - I've sysadmin-ed (in the TechEd field, mostly) for over a decade
* which I've used in one form or another since the late 90s. (Don't send help, I'm fine.)
* Privacy/security - esp. defeating advertisements and subverting tracking wherever possible
* Repairing, re-using, or repurposing things, technology in particular
* and related pop culture, and riffing them mercilessly where deserved (which is frequently)
* Scripting with and to automate tasks and simplify computing (mainly due to health issues) and to aid in collecting, managing, and analysing data
* computing (so far just Raspberry Pi cards) for weather data collection, cheap security, wireless testing

I'm most likely to post about transgender and autism adjacent things, sometimes tech whinges.

Content consent is very important to me. If I post things that you'd like CW-ed, please let me know.

She/her pronouns are appreciated.



@ky0ko Right, I understand.

I was trying to get Masto working on an RPi I was daily-driving for fun, thus those were foremost in my mind. I feel so silly for not trying konq!

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