@gcupc Do they want you to send them a bill for $46?

Minor computer problems 

Minor computer problems 

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@interneteh I'm sorry too, I was really just trying to imply "CW in this would have been nice". As always a messed it up, which is why I rarely post.

Having someone jump on me for wording it poorly reminded me I shouldn't have come on here today anyway. I knew better, but don't have the energy to do anything else.

@interneteh And apparently I should have kept my mouth shut. Logging off for a while, fedi stresses me out too much any more, I don't have the damn energy for this.

@interneteh For the few of us who barely make it through the day without severe depression and fatigue as it is, sometimes "no politics" is also "I am very political, but if I see one more hot take today I will literally fall apart".

Just because I don't want to talk about politics doesn't make me apolitical. It means I know what my limits are, and letting other people push them is not okay.

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@pronounshe I have heard good things about kdenlive, but haven't used it personally. It's the only one I'm aware of, though.


mh question 

mh question 

@hambibleibt Right, which is why I wondered if the "partial boot" troubleshooting might help.

The "vmlinuz" file it can't find is the kernel it's trying to boot into. Why it's missing we don't know. Maybe the USB stick was plugged into a Windows/macOS machine that tried to reformat it?

If you're regularly using different machines with the stick, it's also possible it isn't working for some other reason.

It may be easier to re-create it than troubleshoot why it isn't working. If you have another working Tails stick to troubleshoot with anyway, either route is certainly an option.

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@hambibleibt I'm not familiar with Tails, but that sounds very much like a boot loader issue. The boot menu is likely having trouble finding the Tails kernel, and thus cannot start.

Have you tried any of the boot troubleshooting steps on the troubleshooting page? It looks like it requires having the original (install) stick:


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