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@alanae Wow, that sounds absolutely miserable. There's nothing quite like trying to fix a problem while someone stands virtually staring over your shoulder...

trans, hormone levels, mh + 

Welp, labs came back at normal cis levels for the first time ever. I am, needless to say, ecstatic. I've been fighting to get here for *four and a half years*.

I'm also loving that I get to crush the myth that one cannot achieve normal levels with spiro and oral estradiol. It may not be the "optimal" route, but I'm disabled, poor, and can't capitalism properly, I don't have fancier options available to me. (Monotherapy was a miserable failure for me every time I've tried, to my chagrin.)

I'm already feeling excited to see where my transition goes from here! :QueerCatHeart_BlackTrans:

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@ghost_bird You're so pretty, Sophie. Your garden is really nice, too! Nicely cozy.

@anne Happy birthday to a very good girl! 💜

dental health ~ 

@k They're probably not exaggerating. I had two wisdom teeth out in February. I am just this month finally feeling like the pain is gone most of the time, rather than vice versa.

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@alanae Every time I turn around you're even cuter. Please never stop.

re: meta, mh- 

@ben I don't know you, but you've always seemed pretty awesome to me.

I'm sorry you're feeling down. 💜

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@alanae "Get in, gay-ass, we're gaying places."

confidential to the various people on my timeline who are having a hard time right now 

ph, period? 

@alanae Hooray and also oh no

laser hair removal info 

@namtari You should be able to do whichever!

I have really fair skin and had some irritation and redness after my laser treatments, but that typically faded within ten to twenty minutes for me. (I sometimes had to go back to work after, so that was kind of a relief.)

It's definitely more obvious I've had an electrolysis session when I'm done with one than it was when I came out of laser. Electro often makes me puffy for a day or two, but laser rarely did.

laser hair removal info 

@namtari I had only gone about once per week for six months or so before it became obvious that over half my face hair was just too blonde to be affected by laser, so I switched to electro instead. Sorry I can't help with that question.

You should be able to shave however you like inbetween, though! They'll typically want you to shave before you come in anyway. So if you're hoping to shave in-between sessions maybe that helps?

@craigmaloney Bash will also let you use a limited set of modal editing features to editing commands in-place in a vi-like way, instead of the standard "emacs" mode, as well. If you find visual mode useful, of course. (Hopefully this won't spoil anything for you, as it's bash-related.)

hrt, ~ 

@prehensile That's kind of apt, the heart palpitations bica caused me were a lot like being in complete panic at all times. It was a bit distressing for me.

Taking huge doses of magnesium helps me dramatically with spiro fog, for what that's worth.

I hope your experience with bica is more agreeable!

@novimatrem Perhaps a better question is, why aren't the rest of us?

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@alanae I see what you mean about them seeming overtly "modest".

When were they made, like in the Victorian era?

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@ghost_bird It's so summery. I love the pattern!

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@alanae *falls down ded*

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