Hi hi,

My name is Clover, and I'm a 41 year old autistic trans person living in a semi-rural area of the western US.

I don't tend to be particularly outgoing, which is probably why it's taken me over a year (and five accounts) to get around to an post.

Some of my interests include:

* Daily journaling ( )
* GNU/Linux - I've sysadmin-ed (in the TechEd field, mostly) for over a decade
* which I've used in one form or another since the late 90s. (Don't send help, I'm fine.)
* Privacy/security - esp. defeating advertisements and subverting tracking wherever possible
* Repairing, re-using, or repurposing things, technology in particular
* and related pop culture, and riffing them mercilessly where deserved (which is frequently)
* Scripting with and to automate tasks and simplify computing (mainly due to health issues) and to aid in collecting, managing, and analysing data
* computing (so far just Raspberry Pi cards) for weather data collection, cheap security, wireless testing

I'm most likely to post about transgender and autism adjacent things, sometimes tech whinges.

Content consent is very important to me. If I post things that you'd like CW-ed, please let me know.

She/her pronouns are appreciated.


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