Folks, the more dire the legislation gets, the more it needs a CW.

I know its important. And vital. This is why it needs a CW.

Thank you,
A trans citizen of both the US and the UK (all of this is killing me. My mental health is turning to shit. Please use a fucking CW. Throwing out this shit on to the timeline without a CW is collaborating. Dont at me.)

@celesteh seconding this, a big reason I'm using twitter way less is it kicks me in the head with some transphobic tihng or other every time I load it.

@celesteh I've avoided boosting a bunch of things for this reason. If we had QRT I'd just embed them as a quote with CW on the quoting post.... *sigh* Thankful that we can on #Calckey #akkoma etc -based instances, such as our trans-centred instance.

Meta QT 

@jo @dalias

This feels like antisocial networking.

Like, I use warnings on some text that's written by people I dont ha e any expectation of interacting with. For example, Pauline Oliveros's programme notes on 'Bye Bye Butterfly' use language that, in the several decades since she wrote them, has been adopted by terfs. I feel confident she had no ill will. She's been gone since 2016, so they're not changing.

On this webbed site, on some level, we're all peers. If a colleague wrote something that I wanted to share but it sounded terfy, I'd talk to them about it. Because we're colleagues. If they wanted to be problematic, I wouldn't share it.

So it seems like adding my own CW is treating someone as if they're unreachable or dead. It also seems kind of smug. Like adding red ink or talking over them but not to them. I dont need that vibe and of I knew I was being QTed, of block the person doing it.

Meta QT 

@celesteh @jo We're not talking about sharing stuff that "sounds terfy". Why would anyone inflict that on people and give the asshat who wrote it attention?? We're talking about sharing news that's important but also disruptive to folks' mental health and ability to have a productive day, that they might need to avoid or set aside an appropriate time to read.

Meta QT 

@celesteh @jo Harassing the author with "YOU SHOULD CW YOUR OWN LIVED EXPERIENCES OF OPPRESSION!" is absolutely not the answer and is one of the most toxic behaviors on the fediverse so far. Wrapping it in a CW when you share it with an audience who would appreciate that is the kind thing to do.

Meta QT 

@dalias @jo

I'm very tired but this conversation already has meandered wildly. My original ask was about legislative processes, not about lived experiences.

Acts of parliament are certainly going to effect me, but its still more "uk pol" than not…

And yeah, I, a tran, am asking my trans sibs to use CWs on the bad shit we encounter in our lives because I couldn't tale it on twitter and I can't take it here and I'd rather not mute everybody. I think we can have solidarity and look out for each other.

I'd also rather not fight about this.

Meta QT 

@celesteh @jo No. That's why I absolutely wouldn't pester trans folks talking about bad news to CW it, but would want to CW-wrap my own sharing of it since I have trans followers, some of whom have stated seeing it at a bad time would affect them very negatively.

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Meta QT 

@dalias @jo

I have two points.

1. QTing is also commonly used as a way of talking over, amending, adding one's own spin and some amount of centring oneself that is often unwelcome. Its OK to just not boost things. Or if its a news article or some such, write your own post with a link and a CW.

2. You may want to reconsider coming into trans people's mentions to shout about lived experience.

Every white person does this (or something similar) at least once. I have my own sins.

Thank you for your allyship attempts. This particular attempt did not go well, but we all live and learn.

Meta QT 

@celesteh @jo I'm not here attempting to be your ally. I'm here treating the folks I know and care about the way they want to be treated. And as I originally said, without QTs that means not sharing some things.

Meta QT 

@dalias @jo

Fuck yourself. I'm sick of cis bullshit. yeah, I've been doing a deep dive into #calckey lately, and I'm really liking it. It has, to put it mildly, a lot of bugs and (what I'd consider) misfeatues, but the ux is nice and it has a bunch of useful concepts!

@westmich content warning. Some services call this a summary or subject line.

@Bunkunin content warning. Some services call this a summary or subject line.

@celesteh I'm sorry, but I don't understand the point of your toot.

Meta pol transphobia us uk 

@Bunkunin people posting news about legislative bodies or courts that are taking away rights from lgbt people should use a cw briefly alerting the reader of the location, that its political news and that it has transphobia.

For example:

Uk pol Tory transphobia
US Texas pol transphobia Abott
Russia pol dont say gay Putin strategy

The reason for this is than in the US right now there are 51 bills in state legislatures aiming to prevent trans people from playing sports, using toilets, updating documents or accessing healthcare. Not all of them will pass, but some will. Reading about them is quite stressful. The UK is literally threatening to break up rather than allow trans people correct documents. The things happening around this have singled out migrants. As a trans migrant, I feel alarmed and unhappy reading about this.

Indeed, as a trans migrant, my awareness of this is non-optional, but I don't want to hear about it nonstop.

@celesteh this makes me once again wish that mastodon went the tumblr route with tags. Because then we could easier boost things while still make sure it is CWd, but without being a qrt

@ada the tags are in a separate field from your post. So you dont have to put the hashtags in the text youre writing. When you reblog a post from someone, you can choose to add tags to the reblog in that same field - the tags will only show up on your reblog of said post, so it doesnt carry over to the original post. So it’s very useful for content warnings.

cw image of food 

@ada here is a screenshot of a post i reblogged, the tags circled in red is the ones i added in the reblog. In this scenario i add the “cw brit cuisine” more as a joke. But in a lot of other scenarios people use these tags for all kinds of content warnings but also for commentary/jokes. It is also common that people use specific tags as a way to create a “navigation menu” for their blog.

cw image of food The image didn't come through, but thank you for the explanation! I really like that way of doing it

cw image of food 

@ada yeah i forgot ot add it, i added it again via the edit feature but idk if it showed up on your end.
but yeah if mastodon had tags the way tumblr did it, we would have way less discourse about what to cw or not.

cw image of food Edits don't propagate to Calckey yet. The feature is being worked on though, but not yet :)

This is really hard to read. Can we do it again in English?


That is the king's english, but perhaps I can render it into USian for you:

Dude! When you're posting about the news and it's a total bummer, put a CW on it.

Like, the news totally matters, even if it's a bad vibe. But, like, it needs a CW. Like, the more important the news is, the more important the CW is!

Asking for a friend*!

* The friend is me! I am bummed out by the bad news from two different countries right now! It sucks!

I was kind of young when I migrated and I think slang may have changed somewhat, but hopefully this is comprehensible.

Stay awesome

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