Britons: Did you cry at any point of the passing of HRH The Queen?

I read that third of British men cried and I can't beleive it, so I thought I'd do a very representative poll of fedizens

My deepest condolences to the 4% of respondents who shed tears.

From this survey, we can infer that 39% of fedizens are Britons.

@celesteh I'm not sure about crying, but all the messaging did come off as:

Bereavement leave if the royal dies: all the time you want off work, sob openly, hug strangers, queue for days for no real reason because that's a British thing to do;

Bereavement leave if a parent/spouse/child dies: take a week off and then get your shit together and never speak of it to anyone ever again, because how dare you!

@celesteh I have shed my fair share of tears, but not one of them has been for the queen.

@celesteh I believe it, I just think a lot of them would be crying because people they love were sad or because it's a change few if any have experienced in their lives, or because it was sublimated emotion about something else like all the people who died in the last 2.5 years, especially the ones that we didn't really get to have funerals for at all.

@celesteh Missed this survey, but not only did I NOT cry, I may have laughed, nay, cackled a little.

@celesteh Argh I want to see results! :sets alarm for 11 hours:

@meredith I've made three respondent categories: citizens, subjects, and neither. So if you're Canadian, you're a subject, but if you're USian or Mexican, the last two choices are for you.

I should have included a category for those whose lands exited the commonwealth, like Ireland. This was an oversight on my part.

@celesteh Oh! The question was addressed to Britons so I thought it didn't include Americans. Thank you!

Do we count as having exited the Commonwealth? 😆

@meredith no. The US was the first to leave the uk and thus predates the commonwealth

@celesteh Oh I figured as much. We just like to pretend that we can't be colonizers because we threw off the tyranny of colonization, etc.

I had not realized the Commonwealth was so young though - I guess it is kind of messy in my head with the British Empire.

@meredith the biggest problem is the US never threw off the tyranny of colonisation, they just in-sourced the perpetrators.

@celesteh Precisely. I mean, manifest destiny, the Monroe Doctrine...

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