Left wing groups stop using facebook properties challenge 2022

Signal: runs on a phone, runs on a laptop. Great stickers. Encrypted.

Move your group from WhatsApp today!

(XMPP advocates arriving in 5 .. 4... 3... 2...)

(Yes, I am interested in XMPP. Please can you point me at apps for iOS and Android and desktop that are as fast to setup as signal and also have stickers and are encrypted and I will definitely install it and start annoying all my friends to install it forthwith.)

@celesteh It used to be as simple as having a gmail address, but that was back when "dont' be evil" was still a thing at #Google since then the easiest way I know to set up new is to create account at mov.im I honestly thought "stickers" meant they would send you stickers via snail mail, apparently that's like fancy emojis, which it apears Mov.im supports when I just logged into my account and clicked STICKERS

@fu After the revolution, not only will accounts be free but they will post physical stickers to their users, just for fun.

@celesteh @celesteh I don't remember from where but I do recall some free online service I signed up for that did that, but right now all I can think is the FSF stickers I paid for and the GitHub stickers they gave away at #PenguiCon
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