(A CIC near my house specialises in human-powered wheeled vehicles for people with disabilities, so like, tandems for blind people or tricycles for people who can't balance on two wheels. There are many gay options!)

@celesteh Today I got a Google survey thing that asked if I was into cycling and I said no. I am still gay! But I am also a lump.

@meredith I'm a big fan of slow cycling, Dutch style where one wears the clothes they want to arrive in and doesn't break a sweat. People in The Hague cycle slower than people in New York City walk.

Bicycles use are more energy efficient than walking, which makes t the lazier option!

Or, one can still be gay and walk or take buses and trains and whatnot!

@celesteh I like that one best actually! But I have Pride the Metro DC which is still kinda cute.

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