Hello, I am the project coordinator for the Network Music Festival which ran as an extremely large all-online event that in 2020. We worked on a teeny budget and, as much as possible, used non-capitalist tools.

Part of our goal in doing this was to be able to help other online events organise without the use of corporate tool chains.

If you are planning a non-profit or low-budget event and would like some advice about using less silicon valley spyware I am super happy to talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of the free tools we used. I can also try to do introductions to folks who might host you at free or low cost and can also provide some training at no charge. (Ideally I would meet with somebody in your org who would go on to train others. I would be especially pleased if some blog posts and the like were also generated.)

We're all at different places and getting away from capitalist tools is a process. A journey even! Which takes more than one step. Wherever you are on that journey, do get in touch if you think a chat might be valuable.


To run our call, we started by Using Ninja forms on Wordpress, but this ran into a weird conflict with our blog's theme and we had to switch to google docs part way through. I don't know what we'll do next time. (Pro tip: make your test site /exactly/ identical to your deployment site.)

We exported the data to SQLite. Which does NOT sync well in Dropbox!! It would have been better to manipulate it in MySQL via CPAN or whatever. We used libre office to generate HTML to send to reviewers which included partially filled links so they could submit their reviews via forms. Those results were collated with the reviewer comments.

Workshops were in Big Blue Button and Panel Discussions were in Jitsi Meet. Our algorave ran on Mozilla Hubs and Twitch.

We used OBS to capture those and send them to a stream. This requires a certain amount of audio routing, which requires some extra software for mac users or is now very easy with Pipewire on linux.

We spent a LOT of time teaching people to stream to us via OBS.

The advantages are that we were able to operate on a mutual aid basis around skill sharing. The disadvantages of these platforms is that we were unable to provide subtitles.

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