Left wing groups stop using facebook properties challenge 2022

Signal: runs on a phone, runs on a laptop. Great stickers. Encrypted.

Move your group from WhatsApp today!

(XMPP advocates arriving in 5 .. 4... 3... 2...)

(Yes, I am interested in XMPP. Please can you point me at apps for iOS and Android and desktop that are as fast to setup as signal and also have stickers and are encrypted and I will definitely install it and start annoying all my friends to install it forthwith.)

Green and Black Cross's "know your rights" training literally just told us not to discuss protests on WhatsApp.


One tactics cops use is to make friendly chat and then it gets psychologically much more difficult to just cut them off and stop answering.

When you are just making jokes on WhatsApp and the talk turns more serious, it's very hard at the moment somebody is disclosing their worst fears or whatever to interrupt them to ask them to move platforms. The best way to be a good friend is to not use WhatsApp at all.

Facebook work for the police. Facebook are the police. They will hold everything they can against you in whatever way maximises their profit. If you have WhatsApp on your phone, you can use it to delete your account and then erase the app from your phone.

Ok, in honour of the dogged insistence of XMPP enthusiasts, I am giving (another) try of the Conversations app.

I've forgotten my previous identity, but feel free to message me at celesteh@conversations.im

Sign up was painless, but I have zero contacts here.

@celesteh I remember warning ravers off FB about 15 years ago when I saw the Chief Superintendent of a local constabulary with his own personal page *and* links to his family (in the days when all these were public pages) - I don't think the man was daft and even though social media was in its early days he would have had at least /some/ cybersecurity training; it clearly showed that FB was considered a "safe space" for officers...

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