Left wing groups stop using facebook properties challenge 2022

Signal: runs on a phone, runs on a laptop. Great stickers. Encrypted.

Move your group from WhatsApp today!

(XMPP advocates arriving in 5 .. 4... 3... 2...)

(Yes, I am interested in XMPP. Please can you point me at apps for iOS and Android and desktop that are as fast to setup as signal and also have stickers and are encrypted and I will definitely install it and start annoying all my friends to install it forthwith.)

Green and Black Cross's "know your rights" training literally just told us not to discuss protests on WhatsApp.

One tactics cops use is to make friendly chat and then it gets psychologically much more difficult to just cut them off and stop answering.

When you are just making jokes on WhatsApp and the talk turns more serious, it's very hard at the moment somebody is disclosing their worst fears or whatever to interrupt them to ask them to move platforms. The best way to be a good friend is to not use WhatsApp at all.

Facebook work for the police. Facebook are the police. They will hold everything they can against you in whatever way maximises their profit. If you have WhatsApp on your phone, you can use it to delete your account and then erase the app from your phone.

Ok, in honour of the dogged insistence of XMPP enthusiasts, I am giving (another) try of the Conversations app.

I've forgotten my previous identity, but feel free to message me at

Sign up was painless, but I have zero contacts here.

@celesteh We had a friend that we moved to Signal, in part because trying to explain to her how to use XMPP was just going to be nightmare fuel.

We still use XMPP, but until the onboarding is as easy as using Quicksy it's a non-starter.

@celesteh I remember warning ravers off FB about 15 years ago when I saw the Chief Superintendent of a local constabulary with his own personal page *and* links to his family (in the days when all these were public pages) - I don't think the man was daft and even though social media was in its early days he would have had at least /some/ cybersecurity training; it clearly showed that FB was considered a "safe space" for officers...

@celesteh Android: Conversations (where you can setup a XMPP account too) or Cheogram.
Desktop: Gajim (multiplatform) or Dino (Linux).

@celesteh It used to be as simple as having a gmail address, but that was back when "dont' be evil" was still a thing at #Google since then the easiest way I know to set up new is to create account at I honestly thought "stickers" meant they would send you stickers via snail mail, apparently that's like fancy emojis, which it apears supports when I just logged into my account and clicked STICKERS

@fu After the revolution, not only will accounts be free but they will post physical stickers to their users, just for fun.

@celesteh @celesteh I don't remember from where but I do recall some free online service I signed up for that did that, but right now all I can think is the FSF stickers I paid for and the GitHub stickers they gave away at #PenguiCon


I know at least one person who says they run it this way.

@celesteh @waweic you can't sign up without a cell phone number and you need to prove the PC is yours by photoing the QR code on screen with a phone using that phone number.

@fu @waweic

So of you have a friend with a smart phone and you have a SIM card, you could do this one time and its sorted out for the long term?

This doesn't seem ideal, tbh.

@waweic @celesteh I think so? I'm not sure how often they make you do that again, like they make you enter your PIN regularly on the same device to make sure you haven't forgotten.

Granted #Signal is #FreeSoftware so you could fork it, if you are into that kind of thing.

@fu @celesteh Moxie Marlinspike hates forks so much he announced he would block any forks from connecting to their servers and sue them if they call themselves anything that has "Signal" in the name iirc

@fu @celesteh Wait until something changes, basically.

And regularly set up some sort of signal to Matrix / XMPP / Whatever bridge, fail to maintain it and forget that it exists while missing all messages that I get on it

@celesteh also make sure to sign up for monthly subscription, if you can afford it. Add free does not mean cost free. If no one pays developers, a broken #Signal might turn into what heartbleed was for enterprises, but average citizens.

@celesteh there are many otherwise decent mutual aid type groups in my town who have become dependent on FB, despite often having indie websites of their own which they neglect as "too much work" to keep updating (they tend to be slow responding to emails as well, but are more often active on FB)


Facebook is great for mutual aid because it simultaneously helps create a desperate need for it while making money off the organising of it!

@celesteh although it cuts off people who rarely use it or have never done so at all (I've never had an FB account in my life and definitely won't start one)

@celesteh TBH one big blocker (at least a few years ago) was the real name policy - I have ESEA (East and SE Asian) ancestry and a widely duplicated name (one Western given name and a Malaysian Chinese surname) so any "real name" social network leads to utter confusion as I am conflated with others (who may even share same hobbies and interests).

Consider the case of Andrew "Bunnie" Huang the electronics hacker, Andrew Huang the synthpop artist and Andrew Huang the music video director 😁

are we getting mutual aid and charity confused? I'm unaware of Facebook having any interaction with #MutalAid which requires those that are helped to be those that have helped, like a fraternal benefits society or a labor union, as opposed to #charity which helps people regardless of former (or future) comitment from the same individuals, like most food banks and homeless shelters. @vfrmedia @celesteh

@fu @celesteh

here in England there's a strong overlap between the two, also on Fedi the term mutual aid is often widely used for things that could also be called "charity" (especially if you are looking into it from the perspective of a faith group). In either case, becoming dependent on Facebook is *not* a good thing (and one thing faith groups do do quite well is reduce this dependency, in my town they all have, *and maintain* their independent web presences)

@vfrmedia @fu

Most synagogues are cautious about what they make available to the general public. Their websites usually have areas only accessible to members, using a proprietary CMS developed for this use case, called Shul Cloud.

If they stream services, though, its very common for them to use Facebook groups for this so as to control who has access to the stream.

Obviously, there's a call here for peertube to support Shul Cloud integration....

@fu @vfrmedia I really thought the irony of Facebook both causing a need for mutual aid and monetising those interactions was obviously bad.

Like this seems obviously evil, but we're surrounded by such mendacity at all times that I guess it seems normal and reasonable.

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