My friend's kid is a 14 year old enby and they asked if knew any "cool cafés" that parents and child could visit in and . Hit me with your family friendly queer cafs, plz.

Hello, @pinkpeacock , do you know of anything like you in the Netherlands or Berlin or Vienna?

südblock at kottbusser tor
k-fetisch at wildenbruchstr/weserstr
(both chill cafés/bars with good zine/book/flyer tables)
schwules museum has some good exhibits every now and then

also they could check out for events ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@celesteh Uh, the family friendly part is a little bit difficult in Berlin. But here are some queer spaces that are probably okay to visit with 14 yo:
- k-fetisch at Wildenbruchstr. 86 (few outdoor places, has a separate smoking room while the main room is non-smoking)
- südblock at Admiralstr. 1-2 (also separate smoking room, in the summer more places outside on a little public square, they used to have a really nice sunday brunch, but can't find anything about it anymore)

@celesteh @spacekookie i loved the coffee at Lot 61 in Amsterdam and The Barn in Berlin; the latter roaster is in a neat little spot with a great few seats facing out of the windows

@bonzoesc @celesteh isn't the barn just a chain of hipster coffee places where people work on overpriced laptops without talking to each other? At least that's how they've always seemed to me 🙈

@spacekookie @celesteh lol last time I went (2019) I sat by the window and hand wrote a postcard

@spacekookie @bonzoesc @celesteh yeah, barn is like Starbucks for hipsters/start up people, sure it’s ok but then you can recommend any cafe. I‘d recommend she said bookshop with cafe in NK and Leuchtstoff cafe in NK

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