When wages rise to match inflation - if prices and pay keep rising, what gets much smaller (in comparison to the price of avocado toast) is your debts.

Inflation matched by wage increases is great for people who owe money, which is everyone but the owning classes.


"Oh no, we musn't raise wages or we'll get into an inflation spiral" - people who either haven't noticed that the cost of living is massively outstripping wages - and thus not caused by them- or are somehow hoping *you* won't notice, so they can continue to create a permanent debtor class.

Inflation is *why* workers fought for "fiat" currency.

Wage hikes are needed and good.

@celesteh it also works the other way around - taking from people who have money, especially from those who have a lot.
When most people have a positive net worth and an actual saving, that could possibly be considered bad.
When most people are either in debt or living paycheck to paycheck, it's not.
Inflation, when matched by pay raises, is an equaliser. It brings people back towards 0. Which is why it stopped being at a steady 3% rate and fell to 0 in recent decades.

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