My mobile phone fell out of my pocket a month ago, so I reported it missing to my phone company and asked for the EIN number (required by the train company for the return of phones) and ordered a replacement on the idea that if the old one turned up, I could give it to a refugee.

After a fortnight, I started using a nokia from 2003.

I rang my phone company yesterday to ask wtf.....

They delivered my phone to my old studio for unclear reasons. Somebody named Jay signed for it. I hope he likes his phone. The studio is now a demolition site.

The sent my EIN number yesterday and a new phone today.

When they're good, they're very very good. When they're bad I miss vodaphone.

Anyway, I ordered from the phone coop insead of the e foundation because I'd have the phone quicker. ha ha.

As soon as it finishes charging I have to reflash it.

Am I smart enough to flash a phone right now?

Let's find out

$ adb reboot bootloader
error: no devices/emulators found

This is not encouraging

Ok, so it /says/ that in the instructions, but what I need to actually do is turn it off and then hold down the volume down button while plugging it in to the computer


How to flash a phone:

Tools required:
1 Trench coat

It's been on this step for 20 minutes...

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