Apparently a server outage has temporarily bricked all tesla cars, as they rely on some internet data to operate.

While everyone's still talking about Snow Crash, a big part of the dystopia was the client server model where local machines were just dumb terminals for the cloud and couldn't do /anything/. It's an important enough feature for the book that it's the source of the title.

@celesteh the client-server model has always been a lazy, fragile architecture choice.

@travisfw @celesteh The choice of the client-server model does exactly what it's supposed to: Lock down data and centralize control.

@sebsauvage NBC? Do a quick duck duck go search and take your pick of the many results.

@celesteh @sebsauvage it looks like it's the same thing but it happened again yesterday:

and it sounds like the cars don't strictly speaking require the app to run, but you can use it to unlock the car. so if you have a tesla car and don't carry your actual key, you may not be able to get in.

(if i'm reading it right, which i may not be.)

@celesteh nope. Only the app had a 500 internal Server error.
Car drove fine.

I mean.. it was horrendous! I could not preheat my car in the cold! 😱

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