Drill Sergeant [shouting]: Private, can you boogie?

Soldier: Sir, yes sir! I can boogie, sir!

Drill Sergeant [even louder shouting]: How long can you boogie, soldier?

Soldier: Sir! All night long! Sir!

Drill Sergeant [ Shouting at maximum volume, directly in the soldier's face]: Under hostile conditions?

Soldier: Sir, yes sir!

Drill Sergeant: [Doesn't Move]

Soldier: [Trembling, barely in a whisper]: If they play a certain song.

Drill Sergeant [Turning away from the soldier, shouting at the entire batallion] And you think that's good enough?

Soldier [Trying to hold in tears]: Yes sir. I can boogie. Boogie Woogie. All night long.

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@celesteh This needs to be a flash performance in some busy London spot. ^_^

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