Should learning be fun?

@celesteh justification for sometimes: learning that fire is hot and can burn shouldn't be fun if it's learned via direct experience.

@gaffen yeah, I'm firmly in the "sometimes" camp.

I'm surprised how many people participated in this. Its not what I expected at all.

@celesteh I only voted yes because I'm a super nerd who likes thinking about things.

Also for 2 weeks in year 7 we had a student teacher sub in for history, and it was so much better and more engaging than the regular teacher, because he actually spoke to us and didn't just make us copy shit from an ohp. :/

(Also now anxiety is a huge block. Gotta be chill.)

@celesteh oh, plus the only reason I remember any (spoken) German is because our year 7 teacher was so absurdist. There was an ever growing skit called "mickey und donald" which was, well, mickey mouse and donald duck going through the basics in increasingly hyperbolic fashion. Also he would teach us songs he said he wrote "auf die Toilette" which is very appealing to 11yo's sense of humour XD

(He liked it when I drew mickey mouse in the back of my exercise book lol)

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