Inventors in the Netherlands have been working on solar-powered autonomous shipping containers. You set them out with your stuff and they make their own way to their destination without burning oil.

Shipping companies, who rely on a just-in-time model HATE relying on things like wind or solar. Fossil-fuel burning ships arrive when they're supposed to. Everything can be scheduled and predictable.

Except now they don't. We have a major shipping crisis and global supply chains are disrupted. Nothing is arriving when it's supposed to.

So why not give the little wind and solar containers a try?

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I heard about this a few years ago at a thing where the strandbeast guy was talking, so I don't have a link, but it looks like fresesarch is carryong on, mostly with larger vessels:

@celesteh @onepict I don't know the details of these ships, like if there's a security team on board, but they seem like a possible target for pirates..?

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