99% Invisible: 452- The Lows of High Tech 99percentinvisible.org

loved this episode on disability tech and criticism of averages. CW: glorification of military personnel towards the end.

Want to briefly mention one point that was brought up towards the end of the first half of the podcast. So the woman that was interviewed about her hi tech prosthetic arm tow lots of the arm that she had bought for $70,000 had DRM so if she needed to change the movements the set of moments that was available to her she had to go visit the doctor and she couldn't do it herself.


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This is such a breach of bodily autonomy because the prosthetic is supposed to become a part of your body, but instead it has DRM so it at least partially belongs to the company that produced it. She literally didn't fully own her arm.


They also noted that part of this craze around the development of high-tech prosthetics stems from the savior complex, the idea that disabled people need to be fixed. But changing the world to remove the disabling obstacles works better than all of these high-tech items, they said.


Lewd but true 


There are app-contolled erectile implants. The have batteries and motors and thus a shorter life than ones with tibt hand pumps, but obviously not everyone can manage a tiny pump.

You just have to manage your sex life via a proprietary app.

I'm sure security is great and nobody's penis is mining bitcoin and nobody is collecting or monetising data.

Lewd but true 

@celesteh that's such a terrible late stage capitalism thing...

Like imagine the company went out of business and what now? Will the users need new implants? Yet another and totally unnecessary surgery because capitalism? Sucks so much.


Lewd but true 

@cadadr the lifespan for the manual version of these is 10 years and the app ones do not last as long. I can't remember the number of years, because I was noping so hard. It may have been 5.

Lewd but true 

@celesteh that's way too frequent, 5 years. Not exactly the same thing but I had had a varicocele surgery ages ago, and while it's not one of those very difficult surgeries, I'd much rather not have one ever *five* years.

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