Hello, can I please ask a 5 minute favour of people with smart phones? Please attempt the following and make a note of what does and doesn't work:

1. Search your app store for the Smart Faust apps
2. Download one (they're free)
3. Run the app and while shaking your phone up and down.

4. Let me know:
A. What kind of phone/ operating system you have.
B. What version number
C. Could you find & download any of the apps?
D. Did the app make noise?
E. Do you know of any other free sound making apps that use the accelerometers that work on your type of phone?

How this knowledge may be useful to you: You can use these apps to jam with your mates and come up with litter performances. This is a fun and easy way to get into doing experimental music and is appropriate for adults and children. It can be really creative. I can post the whole outline of how to run this workshop if people are interested.

Boosts appreciated.

@celesteh Would that be the app name or are they sf[] something, GRAME National Centre for Musical Creation apps

@celesteh version 1.2 Google play store, my phone is a Motorola Moto e6 running Android 9

This phone was bought in 2020, but the model which is actually a (Lenovo) Motorola Moto e6 plus was released in September 2019. Want me to check on fdroid, or did you just mean Google and apple stores?


Thank you!

The devs never put these apps on frdoid, as far as I can tell, which is a shame.

Just looked, nothing doing on FDroid (:*

Glad I could be of assistance. If I can sneak 'er indoors' phone away from her later I might give one a go on that too, though that is a much much older phone, running Android 4 so it may not work or even be compatible.


Fairphone 3, /e/ android. It was only in the aurora store, not in the /e/ app store or fdroid. That store is flaky, so I had to try to get it twice, but it makes noise.

I got sflter

A. Pixel 5a/Android
B. Android 11
C. Yes
D. Yes
E. No. But my private sound apps that use accelerometer work just fine.


Samsung Galaxy S9, Android 10.

Couldn't find on Aurora Store, went to Play Store instead.

sfHell made noise and responded well to movement.

I think TouchOSC can send movement data over OSC, not sure if that qualifies. MobMuPlat sends motion & other hardware data to the Pd patch (see "System messages" -; their example works fine on my device.

@celesteh I tried F-droid store first, couldn't find anything.
Then I tried the Google store, and there are loads of them. I picked DroneLAN, and it works nicely, responding to phone movements. I have an Oppo CPH1893, with Android 9.

DooGee S88pro running Android 10
Play Store (no fdroid available) version of sfGretchensCat
Made some lovely strange noises in response to waving it about.

(Do not know of any others, but do know some children at our wife's school that may enjoy this 😀)


There's a structures workshop I give to undergrads that starts with everyone experimenting to fgure out different ways to make sounds and then figuring out how they might combine those sounds, devising a score and a performance, rehearsing and giving it. It takes about 3 hours for that level of student, but I imagine the version of this for children would look different.

Though, exploration of movement and it's interaction with sound, especially for those with schema that reflect say rotation is a definite thing she would like to explore.

There is such a huge range of interaction with sound/music even in students a year apart in the enhanced provision unit. One has taught herself piano by ear, two handed 🤯
Others, are "can we make cool jump sounds?" 😀

A. Google pixel 3, running android
B. Version 11
C. Found the apps! Downloaded sfTrumpet
D. It did make noise, seemed a bit quiet though
E. Nope


Heyy, very cool stuff!

A. Samsung Galaxy A21s
B. Android 11
C. Yes to both
D. Yes
E. No


Oh actually, there was an slightly weird thing, but of little consequence. When I locked the phone and left the app running, it continued making sound, but it behaved differently; it just blipped rather than doing the full range of stuff. I downloaded sfHell


a. one plus 6t, android
b. running lineage 18.1
c. not on f-droid so i got it from aurora store
d. yes
e. no

thank you, these are nice!


Fairphone 3, /e/ is. I downloaded DroneLAN and it worked fine.

I grabbed it from APKPure, as it's not in the /e/ is app store.


That's very interesting, as I was under the impression that was the source for the e app store!

Thank you


I'm one of those weirdos with one of them newfangled PinePhones, idk if that counts?

A. PinePhone (beta edition), postmarketOS
B. edge, aka rolling release
C. mmmno but I didn't look super hard. there seems to be no Linux version as far as I can tell.
E. Hmmm, I don't, at least not any touch friendly ones. But they probably exist for Raspberry Pis and if so they could be ported from Raspbian.


I've heard the name PinePhone, but I don't know what they are. Is it actually just running linux? Like meamo or debian or summat?

@celesteh Yeah, it's pretty much just a boring smartphone that uses components which support Linux.
Technically the same distro (postmarketOS) can also be installed on Android smartphones, so this answer also covers those to a degree.


My favourite phone I ever had was a nokia n900. Part of why it was tolerable running bash was the actual keyboard, though

@celesteh There are other distros that run on the PinePhone, based on various existing distros.
But I wanna highlight postmarketOS because as its name implies, it aims to give new life to phones that no longer receive software updates.

@celesteh I also use a Blackberry but that doesn't even have working app store servers anymore. :sadlinux:

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